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KSW 45 recently took place on Saturday, October 06, 2018 from London, England. As usual, KSW presented another amazing nine-fight card packed with finishes and championships. The event also announced the next KW event, KSW 46, will take place December 01, 2018. Two fights were in potential danger of being canceled, but as only KSW can, they saved the last second bouts.

KSW 45 Review

Leszek Krakowski vs. Alfie Davis

The first round was really back and forth. Alfie Davis displayed great striking and even dropped Krakowski Krakowski was able to rebound and landed a few takedowns before the bell rang to end the first round. The second round had Krakowski in top control of Davis the first half of the round. Though Davis was on the bottom of a lot of the ground work, he stayed very active. After returning the fight to the feet, Davis ate a few shots but still looked energetic and ready to go. The third round was very close and it probably the round that split the judges on their scorecards. When the scorecards were read, Krakowski walked away with the split decision victory.

Akop Szotak vs. Jamie Sloane

Just two weeks before the event, Akop was set to take on England’s John Smith. After that bout fell out, Jamie Sloane took on the bout. About 30 seconds into the bout, Akop caught Sloane with an eye poke. Sloane was unable to continue and the bout was called off a “no contest.”

Wagner Prado vs. Lukasz Parobiec

As with the previous bout between Akop and Sloane, Wagner Prado was also put in the situation of needing an opponent. Prado’s situation required a new opponent on just a few days notice. Max Nunes did not report to the teams’ hotel rooms and missed all deadlines given to turn in probably medical paperwork. The London based Polish fighter, Lukasz Parobiec, deserves all the credit in the world for taking on such a dangerous opponent on such late notice. As would be expected from stepping into the cage with such a dangerous striker as Prado, 40 seconds into the bout, Prado landed a devastating right hand that instantly floored Parobiec.

Thiago Silva vs. James McSweeney

KSW made another great addition to this card with the signing of Thiago Silva about two weeks prior to the card. He was instantly thrust into heavyweight action as he took on James McSweeney. As you would expect from these two, the standup game was on full display. McSweeney earned the first round but looked really tired heading into the second round. As the second and third rounds went by, Silva continued to dominate the striking, obvious to all that McSweeney was tiring. When the announcement was made, Silva walked out the KSW cage with a unanimous decision victory for his debut.

Scott Askham vs. Marcin Wojcik

Scott Askham met Marcin Wojcik in the first of two middleweight championship tournament bouts on this night. Many would argue Askham was next in line for a shot at Mamed Khalidov prior to him vacating the title. The fighters took the opening seconds of the bout to find their range. it did not take Askham long at all as he landed his patented body kick which dropped Wojcik. Askham landed a few destructive fists for the finishing touches. With the victory, Askham punched his ticket to the tournament finals.

Roberto Soldic vs. Dricus Du Plessis (Welterweight Title)

The first title fight of the night came in a highly anticipated welterweight showdown between the champion, Dricus Du Plessis, and former champion, Roberto Soldic. Soldic took his time in the first round working with body shots from head to toe. Du Plessis landed some very solid strikes himself making the first round very close and exactly what the fans expected. Soldic kept the pressure on, showing he would not let their last bout linger in his mind as any kind of setback. He even had a few very nice takedowns against Du Plessis. Later into the third round, Soldic found the strike he was looking for, dropping Du Plessis. A devastating knee strike floored Du Plessis followed by a big left hand.

Michal Materla vs. Damian Janikowski

The second matchup in the four-man middleweight tournament saw Polish fan favorite Michal Materla take on former Olympic medalist Damian Janikowski. It looked like early in the bout Janikowski wanted a standup striking contest. He was quick to go to his world-class wrestling ways and land a big takedown. Materla stayed in the pocket and made Janikowski pay for his attempts to keep the fight on the feet, flooring Janikowski. After Janikowski turtled on the mat, Materla dropped fists until he was stopped and named the victor, setting up a rematch with Askham. This time their rematch will be for the KSW middleweight title.

Ekro Jun vs. Popek Monster

In a heavyweight showdown of two opposite characters, the young 1-0 Erko Jun took on the outspoken 3-4 Popek Monster. Popek actually came out of the gates looking good. It looked like Jun was playing the waiting game, waiting for his shots and waiting for Popek to tire himself out. The second round was a bit of a turning point for Jun has he looked much more comfortable and in control. Jun was able to get Popek to the mat and deliver strikes until the referee stepped in to call off the contest. Jun has no improved his record to 2-0. Hopefully, Jun will be given a step up in competition to see where the star really stands with his MMA skills.

Phil De Fries vs. Karol Bedorf (Heavyweight Title)

The main event of the night featured a heavyweight title bout between the former longest reigning champion, Karol Bedorf, and the current champion Phil De Fries. As expected, De Fries took control and took the fight to the mat about one minute into the first round. Though fighting from the bottom, Bedorf but up a good defense from the bottom staying in the fight. The second round looked a lot like the first round. Before being taken down by De Fries, Bedorf was able to land a few good shots. De Fries worked on Bedorf and locked in the Americana to successfully defend his KSW heavyweight title.

Award Winners

Fight of the Night– Roberto Soldic vs. Dricus Du Plessis

Submission of the Night– Phil De Fries

Knockouts of the Night– Scott Askham and Wagner Prado

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