RIZIN, Mayweather Promotions confirm official ruleset for Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

Tenshin Nasukawa
Tenshin Nasukawa speaks to Nagoya crowd. © RIZIN FF

With RIZIN 14 getting closer, the official ruleset of the night’s main event contest between Floyd Mayweather & Tenshin Nasukawa has been revealed.

At a media day, today in Las Vegas at Mayweather Boxing Club, the official rules of the contest were revealed. And they are as follows.

  • As previously announced, Mayweather vs. Tenshin will be an exhibition.
  • No pro record for either fighter will be affected due to a loss.
  • They will fight under straight-up boxing rules.
  • The bout will consist of three rounds, each of three minutes.
  • No judges will be utilized for the contest.
  • In order for there to be a winner, one must score a KO within nine minutes.
  • Both fighters will have to wear an 8oz pair of official RIZIN gloves.
  • Despite being an exhibition, this bout will be a full-contact match-up.
  • Weight: 147lbs/67.7kg

So, the rules are set as the fight nears closer. The big stand out to most is the weight, as 147lbs is very heavy compared to what Tenshin Nasukawa usually fights at. The media day held today, December 6, 2018, was part of Tenshin’s stay in the United States.

Earlier in the week, Tenshin did some training with multi-time lightweight world champion Jorge Linares who possesses a boxing record of 45-4. Tenshin will continue to train with Team Linares for a while longer before heading back to Japan.


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