Patricky Pitbull on Fighting With Brother As Kid, Bader-Fedor and More

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Patricky Pitbull is one of the more popular fighters on Bellator’s ever-growing roster. With his brother, Patrício Freire, being a two-time champ in the promotion, Bellator has the brothers that fans can’t help but watch.

Patricky Pitbull fights in February against Ryan Scope at Bellator 215. We had the chance to talk with him and pick his mind a bit.

Growing up with siblings, you can expect some fighting. Patricky and Patrício Pitbull are no exception. In fact, that’s what got them both into mixed martial arts. “Me and my brother fought too much at home, so our dad thought having us doing jiu-jitsu would calm us down a bit. It made the fights more technical,” Patricky says with a laugh. You can see it in how they fight. Winning or losing, both of the brothers have been there before and are comfortable in any situation.

His last fight was not the easiest. Patricky Pitbull fought Roger Huerta at Bellator 205. Even though the fight went his way, he wasn’t as happy with his performance and knows where he needs to improve.

“He came to win, not just to fight. He had a lot of fire in his eyes. I felt really tired from the start, had symptoms of low blood pressure when the first round was over. I think it was because I ate too close to the fight time. That had me throw away my strategy and get into a firefight with him just minutes after the fight started.”

Luckily for him, a brutal second-round KO did the trick and got him the win, pushing Patricky Pitbull to his fourth straight win.

There is always talk between the champs between the UFC and Bellator. Now, more than ever, the gap is at a fast rate. Bellator has top-notch fighters like Ryan Bader (more on him later), and prospects like the ever improving Aaron Pico. Patricky Pitbull is bullish on a cross promotion fight between any champions.

“I think the results would surprise a lot of people.”

Bader vs. Fedor

Now, the fight that everyone is waiting for: the heavyweight grand prix final. Ryan Bader, as mentioned before, and Fedor Emelianeko are set to face off to crown Bellator’s first heavyweight champion. Patricky had some thoughts on the fight.

“Bader is younger and able to take more damage, Fedor still has some moments of brilliance but technique-wise he’s more of a brawler now and his chin isn’t what it used to be. I could see Fedor connecting a big punch and knocking Bader out, but Bader is the better wrestler and also has power. I can only say it’ll be an interesting fight, and hope they both are able to show their best.”

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