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For fans of mixed martials arts and the UFC in particular, there hasn’t been any notable slot which is themed around fighting, until now! Say hello to the brand – new UFC slot machine brought to you by Endemol. This is a state-of-the-art slot that will give even the best slots from the best online casino game developers a run for its money. If martial arts themed slots are not your thing you can find a wealth of other no deposit action themed slots of your choice at Nodeposithero.com.

The UFC slot strikes with some great bonus features that are divided between two modes, namely, training mode and fight night bonus mode. These two modes topped off with an expanding additional wild symbol featuring one of the elite fighters from the UFC that you get to pick makes the experience a thoroughly personal and enjoyable one. If played strategically, not only is the UFC slot a ton of fun, but can also payout some heavyweight winnings. Adding to the excitement is the thrash metal soundtrack, adding to the tough atmosphere.


The biggest jackpot that you can win is by landing five same high-level symbols all lined up in one payline. Having said that, for those of you that are used to progressive jackpots with huge pools and jackpots, the jackpots that the UFC slot whips together might seem a little underwhelming. Nevertheless, here are the top 6 symbols in descending order of value when it comes to hitting the jackpot. If you were to line up five of the same symbols (any of the below symbols) in one horizontal row or payline, then you can expect some handsome winnings.

  1. The fighter selected by the player – if you chose Connor McGregor (for example) as the fighter and you spin the reel and five Connor McGregor symbols line up in the payline, you will receive a payout which is equivalent to your line bet multiplied a thousand times!
  2. UFC Logo – 5 UFC logos lined up gives fetches your line bet multiplied 300 times
  3. Brunette Ring Girl – also 300 times the line bet
  4. Blonde Ring Girl – 200 times the line bet
  5. Bruce Buffer – 150 times the line bet
  6. Octagon – 100 times the line bet

Symbols – 150

The symbols listed above are high value symbols that are on the high paying end of the spectrum. However, they are not all the symbols that the slot offers. There are plenty of symbols in addition to the six aforementioned symbols.

These additional symbols are not as high paying, but they do crop up more often than the high paying ones, which makes them rather profitable as well. Adopting from most online slot machines, the UFC slot also uses high ranked symbols from playing cards to denote their low value symbols. Therefore, A, K, Q and J are your UFC slot symbols too.

All of these symbols are of the same value and if you happen to get any of one of these symbols to line up in a single payline, you will receive a return which is worth 50 times your line bet.

Game Features

  • Expanding Wild: The expanding wild symbol is activated when a Golden Wild symbol appears on any of the cells in the middle reel. Once the feature is activated, four symbols (at random) are replaced by wilds that you be substituted as any symbol of choice. This means the odds of hitting jackpots are exponentially higher.
  • Fight Night Bonus: To activate this bonus, you will need 3 UFC belt symbols to land anywhere on reel numbers 1, 3 and 5 on the same spin. Once active, the fighter chosen by the player will fight against a fighter picked randomly by the processor. The player can fight by choosing moves by spinning the reels. Depending on the performance of the player’s fighter, winnings will be awarded to the player.
  • Training Bonus: Land training symbols on reels, 2, 3 and 4 during the same spin and you will activate the training bonus. This bonus is kind of like the fight night bonus mentioned above except that instead of fighting one opponent, the player selected fighter will have to fight three opponents.
  • Betting Limits: Players have the option to customize not only the amount that they bet per line, but also the number of lines that they want to bet on. This essentially gives players a great degree of control when it comes to spreading out their bets and implementing good strategies to enhance their odds of winning.



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