MMASucka’s Bellator Newcastle Staff Picks

Bellator Newcastle
Photo courtesy of Bellator MMA.

Staff picks are in for Saturday’s Bellator Newcastle card, taking place in the Utilita Arena. This is the first fight card in Bellator’s European Series. For U.S. viewers, all of Bellator Newcastle will air on the Bellator app with the prelims starting at 1:30 PM eastern and the main card starting at 5:00. In the main, Patricky Pitbull will take on Ryan Scope in a fight between two guys looking to get a title shot in the lightweight division. Pitbull is attempting to regain the championship belt that was once his.

The co-main event of the evening will also take place in the lightweight division, pitting 4-0 Aaron Chalmers against 4-2 Corey Browning. Also on the card is yet another lightweight bout, with 10-1 Terry Brazier taking on Scotland’s Chris Bungard. Opening the four-fight main card is a middleweight fight between undefeated prospect Fabian Edwards and Lee Chadwick, who reportedly missed weight.

Staff picks for 2019 will consist of UFC and Bellator main cards, as well as what we consider the top fights from ONE Championship and RIZIN cards. At the end of the year, the person with the most correct picks will receive their choice of a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. Michael DeSantis was 2018’s winner, finishing with a record of 202-201. Be sure to check out our picks for Bellator Newcastle below.

Staff Records After UFC Fight Night 144

  1. Michael DeSantis: 20-5

2. Ryan Wagner: 18-7

3. Wesley Riddle: 17-8

4. Justin Pierrot: 16-9

5T. Eddie Gallo: 15-10

5T. Connor Deitrich: 15-10

7T. Jeremy Brand: 14-11

7T. Mike Skytte: 14-11

7T. Brian Gerson: 14-11

7T. Matt Bricker: 14-11

11. Mitch Banuelos: 13-11

12. Omar Villagrana: 12-13

13. Sasha Moksyakov: 11-4

14. Patrick Auger: 10-10

15. Surak Sukumar: 9-7

16. Ash Camyab: 8-3

Bellator Newcastle Staff Picks:

Fabian Edwards (5-0) vs. Lee Chadwick (24-13-1)

Jeremy Brand: Edwards via UD

Wesley Riddle: Edwards via UD

Mike Skytte: Edwards via Round 2 SUB

Justin Pierrrot: Edwards via UD

Michael DeSantis: Edwards via Round 1 TKO

Ryan Wagner: Edwards via Round 1 TKO

Mitch Banuelos: Edwards via UD

Ed Gallo: Edwards via UD

Omar Villagrana: Edwards via UD

Brian Gerson: Edwards via Round 2 TKO

Matt Bricker: Chadwick via Round 1 TKO

Connor Deitrich: Edwards via UD

Patrick Auger: Chadwick via UD

Sasha Moksyakov: Edwards via Round 2 TKO

Suraj Sukumar: Edwards via UD

Ash Camyab: Edwards via UD

Staff picking Edwards: 14

Staff picking Chadwick: 2


Terry Brazier (10-1) vs. Chris Bungard (13-4)

Jeremy Brand: Brazier via UD

Wesley Riddle: Brazier via UD

Mike Skytte: Brazier via Round 1 TKO

Justin Pierrot: Bungard via UD

Michael DeSantis: Brazier via UD

Ryan Wagner: Brazier via UD

Mitch Banuelos: Brazier via UD

Ed Gallo: Brazier via UD

Omar Villagrana: Brazier via UD

Brian Gerson: Brazier via Round 1 SUB

Matt Bricker: Brazier via UD

Connor Deitrich: Brazier via UD

Patrick Auger: Brazier via UD

Sasha Moksyakov: Brazier via UD

Suraj Sukumar: Brazier via UD

Ash Camyab: Brazier via UD

Staff picking Brazier: 15

Staff picking Bungard: 1

Aaron Chalmers (4-0) vs. Corey Browning (4-2)

Jeremy Brand: Chalmers via UD

Wesley Riddle: Chalmers via Round 2 SUB

Mike Skytte: Chalmers via Round 1 TKO

Justin Pierrot: Chalmers via UD

Michael DeSantis: Chalmers via Round 2 SUB

Ryan Wagner: Chalmers via Round 2 SUB

Mitch Banuelos: Chalmers via Round 2 TKO

Ed Gallo: Browning via Round 2 SUB

Omar Villagrana: Chalmers via UD

Brian Gerson: Browning via Round 1 TKO

Matt Bricker: Chalmers via Round 2 SUB

Connor Deitrich: Chalmers via Round 1 TKO

Patrick Auger: Browning via Round 2 TKO

Sasha Moksyakov: Chalmers via Round 2 TKO

Suraj Sukumar: Chalmers via Round 1 TKO

Ash Camyab: Chalmers via Round 2 KO

Staff picking Chalmers: 13

Staff picking Browning: 3

Patricky Pitbull (20-8) vs. Ryan Scope (11-1)

Jeremy Brand: Pitbull via Round 1 TKO

Wesley Riddle: Pitbull via Round 2 TKO

Mike Skytte: Pitbull via Round 2 KO

Justin Pierrot: Pitbull via R2 TKO

Michael DeSantis: Pitbull via Round 2 TKO

Ryan Wagner: Pitbull via Round 1 TKO

Mitch Banuelos: Pitbull via Round 2 TKO

Ed Gallo: Pitbull via UD

Omar Villagrana: Pitbull via UD

Brian Gerson: Pitbull via Round 3 TKO

Matt Bricker: Pitbull via Round 3 TKO

Connor Deitrich: Pitbull via UD

Patrick Auger: Pitbull via Round 2 KO

Sasha Moksyakov: Pitbull via UD

Suraj Sukumar: Pitbull via Round 2 TKO

Ash Camyab: Pitbull via Round 3 TKO

Staff picking Pitbull: 16

Staff picking Scope: 0



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