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RIZIN 15 Weigh-In Results

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RIZIN 15 Weigh-In Results

RIZIN 15 is slated to go tonight early into Sunday morning, and the weigh-ins for this loaded card went down this morning, 24 hours before the fighters take center stage in Yokohama.

Every fighter made weight, including both participants in the light heavyweight championship headliner. Check out the weigh-in results below + quotes from all fighters involved in the show.

King Mo (95.15kg) vs. Jiri Prochazka (93kg)

King Mo:

“I’m going to do what I do, and the result will be the same as the last time we fought. RIZIN is a place where you can get hurt bad. You have to come prepared correctly. You have to be ready! Jiri is a young lion, big and strong, but also very exciting to watch.”

Jiri Prochazka: 

“I have put everything into this fight camp, and I will not make the same mistake as last time. He has a great wrestling background and great boxing, but I hope to overcome that and become champion with a knockout.” 

Tenshin Nasukawa (58.95kg) vs. Fritz Biagtan (57.45kg)

Tenshin Nasukawa: 

“I will not let my opponent touch me. I will dominate him in every single aspect, and I’m going to go in there and try to finish this fight as quickly as possible.” 

Fritz Biagtan: 

“I am honored to be fighting in front of Manny Pacquiao. I will do my best.”

Kyoji Horiguchi (59.65kg) vs. Ben Nguyen (59.85kg)

Kyoji Horiguchi:

“I’ve studied my opponent very well and I have a pretty good idea on how to execute my gameplan. I will finish this fight, and excite the crowd.”

Ben Nguyen: 

“I want to show a dynamic fight. I want to show that the lighter guys can put on fights as the heavyweights do. My fight camp was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m faster and stronger than I’ve ever been, and we worked specifically on how to face Horiguchi’s fighting style.”

Satoru Kitaoka (70.70kg) vs. Roberto de Souza (70.60kg)

Satoru Kitaoka: 

“I am glad they gave me a tough opponent, but I don’t plan on being used as a stepping stone for some new star.”

Roberto de Souza:

“I have real potential in this sport. I trust in my training, and I trust in myself. I would like to finish this fight, but it would be great if I scored a knockout.” 

Karl Albrektsson (93kg) vs. Christiano Frohlich (92.75kg)

Karl Albrektsson: 

“My opponent is a tough striker, but I want to show the world my abilities. It’s going to be a very aggressive match, and I don’t see this going the distance. Anything might happen.” 

Christiano Frohlich: 

“This will be an exciting, aggressive fight. So look forward to it! I know that my opponent will try to put on a boring fight here, but I will not let that happen. Wanderlei Silva is in my corner, and I will make him proud.” 

RENA (50.90kg) vs. Samantha Jean-Francois (51kg)


“I have mixed emotions of sorrow and gratefulness right now. I have been practicing a lot on MMA, so I want to show everyone that I have gotten better as a fighter. I want to clean up the mess I made in Heisei while it’s still in the Heisei Era.”

Samantha Jean-Francois: 

“This is not my favorable weight class, but if I could get a fight in RIZIN against RENA, I will fight here as a professional. RENA is a complete athlete in MMA, a great fighter, at a very high level.”

Mikuru Asakura (67.95kg) vs. Luiz Gustavo (67.80kg)

Mikuru Asakura: 

“I feel that I am physically much stronger than my opponent. I want to put on the most intense fight of the night. My opponent is wild and aggressive, but he has holes in his game that I can capitalize on.”

Luiz Gustavo: 

“Asakura has never fought anybody like me, and I will teach him a good lesson. I train hard every day, and I have been training twice a day to achieve my goal. I have had plenty of time to prepare for this fight and study my opponent. Wanderlei Silva will be in my corner.”

Kana Watanabe (56.70kg) vs. Justyna Haba (57kg)

Kana Watanabe:

“I wanna finish this fight and show the world that I am here at flyweight to stay. I want to show that I am more than just one dimension.” 

Justyna Haba: 

“My opponent has a great ground game, and I will have to have a strong will to face her. She is very tough, very strong, and also has more experience. I’m happy to fight such a great opponent, it’s a huge step for me and I’m confident wherever this fight goes. I want to show good MMA and have people be happy with the fight.”

Damien Brown (70.55kg) vs. Koji Takeda (70.35kg) 

Damien Brown: 

“Takeda is young and strong, but his zero’s got to go. He is going to want to wrestle me, but I will make sure to not let that happen.”

Koji Takeda: 

“I’ve done everything I have done, now I all I have to do is show it. I will never lose a single scramble. I will win every scramble and constantly be in a dominant position.”

Manel Kape (57.85kg) vs. Seiichiro Ito (57.85kg)

Manel Kape: 

“My opponent is good but lacks aggressiveness. I believe I’m the best in this division, and this is an easy fight.”

Seiichiro Ito: 

“I’ve been involved in this sport for ten years, and I want to show that al this investment paid off when I perform in front of my hometown crowd in Yokohama. I was extra careful to avoid any and all injuries in practice, so I can go into Sunday at 100%.”

Kanako Murata (56.50kg) vs. Saray Orozco (56kg)

Kanako Murata:

“I train every day so I can fight at any time. I hope to show what I’ve been working on during my time away. I treat a fight like another practice session, but I can go harder.” 

Saray Orozco: 

“I want to show my passion, mi corazón Mexicano. The last-minute switch in opponent might switch some strategy, but I have been training for any kind of opponent, so I will be ready.”

TAIGA (60.95kg) vs. Thalisson Gomes Ferreira (61kg) 


“I don’t plan to fight with clean technique in this fight. I’m going in there to brawl. I haven’t had a good streak since leaving K-1, so by fighting on the first fight of the night, I hope to restart my career and start with a great KO.”

Thalisson Gomes Ferreira: 

“I don’t have a plan. The result is all that matters. The result will be me crushing my opponent.”

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