Fight Business Podcast 6-18-2019

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Ever wonder how your favorite mixed martial arts promotions turn a profit? Want to know how the UFC got a $4 billion dollar valuation and became part of the largest franchise sale in sports history? Don’t understand why the UFC is throwing out interim titles left and right like they’re on sale?

The newest podcast on the MMASucka network. In this new show, hosted by staff writer and resident business consultant, Patrick Auger, we take an in-depth look at the business side of MMA. From PPV buy rates to broadcast partnerships, ‘The Fight Business Podcast’ discusses the money end of mixed martial arts.

The Classic Reboot

So my life has been a whirlwind over the past three months, but that’s more of an excuse than anything. After getting some feedback (big shout out to all of you who did that by the way) I mulled it over and realized that this podcast should have a little more excitement to it, a little more fun in the way we discussed these topics. I also realized that there’s no better way to add those elements than bringing on some guests and making it more of a game show on opinions.

Enter the Fight Business Podcast reboot. We’re still going to talk about everything business in MMA, but it’s going to be more entertaining than listening to me drone on about it for an hour (To the two diehard fans that love when I do that I know, don’t worry I’ll send you my musings directly).

This week pits Bloody Elbow and reporter Nick Baldwin against Senior Editor Ben Duffy in a battle of quick wits and strong opinions as they test their knowledge on the business of MMA. We’ll cover Bellator 222, the new UFC Apex facility, Dana White’s foray into boxing and much more.

Who will arise victorious in the battle for my fake points? Tune in to find out.

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Patrick is a consultant turned journalist who loves the fight game and everything to do with it. Focusing on the politics, business, and general state of MMA are his mainstays, though he'll dabble in analysis and best bets when he can. He also enjoys football, basketball, baseball, and great jokes in general so feel free to reach out and berate him on social media whenever you disagree with him.

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