Bare Knuckle FC 9 Event Preview – Lobov vs. Knight II

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It’s time for a Bare Knuckle FC 9 preview. The main event features a rematch between Artem Lobov and Jason Knight. Their first fight was an unbelievable war and this rematch promises to be another classic. These cards always deliver fast-paced action and this one seems poised to deliver. Here is a recap from BKFC 8

Bare Knuckle FC 9 will take place this Saturday night

Jason Knight vs. Artem Lobov

If you missed the first fight between these two warriors, do yourself a favor and find it. Give it a watch, you won’t be sorry. They went at it for five rounds, busting each other up and both leaving bloodied and battered. When the final bell rang, the fight was scored unanimously for Artem Lobov.

This time around, I expect more of the same. Both guys throw hard and more importantly, they can both take a shot. I think Artem has more technical striking and movement, but both men will undoubtedly stand on a stamp and throw haymakers. This is a huge fight for Knight, as it provides the opportunity to become a star in the Bare Knuckle scene. The pressure will definitely be on.

In the end, I think that Lobov will simply be too fast and too accurate. He will likely apply too much pressure for Knight to win. Similar to the first fight, I think Knight will take a ton of punishment whilst losing another decision to the Bare Knuckles crown prince, Artem Lobov.

Chase Sherman vs. Joey Beltran

This one should be a lot of fun as well. Chase Sherman will be making his third trip into the BKFC ring. Sherman currently sports a 1-0-1 record within the promotion. His opponent, Joey Beltran had an instant classic in his BKFC debut against Tony Lopez. It was the flagship fight that put the promotion on the map. Beltran sports a 2-1-1 record inside the ring for BKFC.

I like this fight, as both men seem content to throw bombs and entertain the fans. I think Sherman has more power in his hands, but Beltran is the scrappier of the two. Beltran typically fights at 205 and Sherman is a big guy, weighing in around 260 pounds. Sherman will also enjoy a nice reach advantage and that could make it difficult for Beltran to get inside and land big shots.

I think this will be a fun fight while it lasts. I do however expect that Chase Sherman will land the definitive shot and win the fight via TKO in the later rounds.

Johnny Bedford vs. Charles Bennett

This one is going to be bananas. To say Charles Bennett is a wildcard packs the power of understatement. He’s buck wild and super unpredictable during his fights. Johnny Bedford is the more talented boxer of the two, but Bennett’s unpredictability makes things interesting.

Bedford is no rookie to Bare Knuckle FC, as he is 4-0 fighting for them. Two of his wins came via stoppage, so we know he’s capable of ending the fight. He has tremendous form and can be a star in the Bare Knuckle world.

Charles Bennett is making his second foray into the BKFC ring. He lost his debut via TKO to Michael McDonald at BKFC 2 last year. He’ll be looking to rebound against a better fighter in Bedford.

I think Bennett will make things fun, but ultimately he isn’t as talented as Johnny Bedford. I expect Bedford will stop him within the first three rounds. It should be fun while it lasts though.

Helen Peralta vs. Maia Kahunaele

Helen Peralta makes her second appearance in BKFC after a 2-1 stint with Invicta FC. While in Invicta, she showed good standup and won her professional debut via first-round stoppage against Jade Ripley. She’s currently the BKFC featherweight champion after defeating Christine Ferea back in August.

Maia Kahunaele was released by the UFC after back to back losses and a canceled fight between her and Maycee Barber. She had to pull out of that fight with a knee injury, and now she finds herself in the world of Bare Knuckle FC. She is dating another fighter on the card, as she and Joey Beltran are attempting to become the king and queen of the BKFC.

This should be a competitive fight, but I feel like Helen Peralta might have the upper hand ability-wise. I think that will lead to her successfully defending her title and leaving Biloxi with her Featherweight title in hand.

The Prelims

Harris Stephensen vs. Kenny Licea – Harris Stephensen should win via TKO.
Kaleb Harris vs. Jeff Chiffens – Jeff Chiffens should win this fight.
Adam Pellerano vs. Joe Pegg – Going with Joe Pegg here.
Chris Sarro vs. John McAllister – Chris Sarro via TKO (Potential Star in BKFC)
Wes Combs vs. Adrian Miles – Welcome back to the 46-year-old Combs. He wins via UD.

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