The Cannabis Chronicles: Carl Langston

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It has been a long road to find an MMA fighter that has knowledge and experience in using cannabis. Today MMA Sucka spoke to Carl Langston, who spoke at length about his cannabis use.

Why Do You Think Most Fighters Are Hesitant To Talk About Cannabis?

MMA Sucka has spoken with six fighters doing this cannabis chronicle series. All of those fighters have said that they do not use cannabis. Some stating that they never have, some saying they didn’t like it when they tried it. We even reached out to some fighters who said they didn’t even want to interview about that specific topic. So we asked Langston, why does he think there are so many fighters that are hesitant to talk about cannabis. He responded with, “I don’t think people want to say they smoke because when you get to the elite level, it’s banned. So to openly say you smoke, could get you to lose everything.” Langston says he knows of 20 or more names of fighters who smoke, but not everyone is open about that side of their life.

Advantage Or Disadvantage

Langston said that he uses cannabis almost four times a day. “I don’t like how fighters can get suspended for it. I don’t feel like it gives you any advantage whatsoever.” We asked ‘what about the negatives that may come with smoking marijuana; such as hurting your cardio or taking away from your awareness?’. He replied by saying, “I don’t think it hits cardio at all. I have asthma and I smoke and it never messes with my cardio. As far as awareness, I can only say I feel more focused. Although I have never been in the cage high, only in the gym.” Langston also noted that he doesn’t really even need his inhaler. In fact, he has only used it maybe four times in the past eight years.

Nick Diaz Situation-Cannabis vs. Steroids

When asked what his thoughts were on the Nick Diaz situation, Langston had a strong opinion. “That was so crazy what they did to Nick. It should have been the other way around. Also, I think if whatever state you live in it’s legal, then they should get to ban it.”  Nick Diaz lives in California, where marijuana is legal. In light of that, Langston is indicating that at least the California State Athletic Commission should be flexible with their cannabis strictures.

Current Weight Class

Going a little off-topic, we asked Langston how, with his 5’10” frame, does he make the bantamweight limit of 136 lbs. His response was short and sweet, saying that it’s hard for him, but he hired a nutritionist. This allows Langston not to worry about it. It’s still quite amazing that such a tall guy can get down to bantamweight.

Favourite Stoner Movie

Something new we have been asking the fighters is, ‘what is their favourite stoner movie?’ After all, you don’t have to be a stoner to watch stoner movies. Langston’s answer was “How High” – the 2001 stoner comedy featuring Redman and The Method man.

Carl Langston has a fight coming up for NEF, a local northeastern promotion. He will be fighting on February 8th in Portland, Maine. At the Merrill Auditorium, where he will be fighting Dominic Jones.

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