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What a time we are in. If you look at the hours you have been on your phone in a day, you will likely be shocked. You may be on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Most of the MMA community is on Twitter and we have some doozies that you should follow.

We have compiled a small list of our favorite MMA Twitter accounts. These accounts could be fighters, media members or just some random MMA personality.

Don’t worry, none of us Sucka’s made the list —  but some former writers did.

Here is our list of top MMA Twitter accounts to follow, in no particular order.

Jack Slack

If you don’t follow Jack Slack, then you may not want to know about MMA on a deeper level. This guy is a wealth of knowledge. His 20.4k followers are treated to some great fight breakdowns and more.

Mike Skytte

Japanese MMA has definitely still not hit the mainstream in North America, but Mike Skytte keeps his followers as informed as possible on everything Asian MMA. Whether it’s breaking news from Rizin or GIFs of old fights from PRIDE, Skytte will not displease.

Kyle Johnson

This young buck is fairly new to the Twitterverse. But the boy wonder from New York will fill your feed with high-quality fight clips, statistics and as he calls it — fight geekery.

Ryan Wagner

This writer for The Fight Site, who used to write for MMASucka.com gives some of the most in-depth fighter breakdowns on the internet. While on Twitter you will find him trolling fans and pundits alike. He is a must follow. I’ll add he is in love with Jose Aldo.

Michael Bisping

The first fighter hits the list. The former UFC middleweight champion turned broadcaster, Michael Bisping is a colorful character. Not just on the mic and in the cage, but on Twitter as well. He seems to always have something to say and he’s very interactive with his fans.

Fernanda Prates

The lone female on the list. Fernanda Prates is a breath of fresh air on my Twitter feed. She is comedic, to say the least. She is a writer for the MMA section of The Athletic and boy does she do some damn good work. Trust me, she’s worth a follow.


The man whose Twitter handle is @Grabaka_Hitman was mentioned by several Sucka writers as one of their go-to accounts to follow. He doesn’t write for a major outlet he has his own WordPress site. If you are a fan of hard-hitting action, which you should be since you love MMA, then Caposa will fill your feed with plenty of that. He will bring some nostalgia back to your Twitter feed as well as coverage of promotions you’ve probably never heard of.

Israel Adesanya

This will be the last fighter on our list. The UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya is just plain old funny. He pokes fun at other fighters from time to time, specifically, Jon Jones and he just seems to have a good time on Twitter. Give him a follow. Well, I’m sure you already have since he has over 400k followers to date.

James Lynch

One of the hardest working men in the media game, James Lynch is always active on Twitter. You will find him posting his fantastic interviews with the sports’ best or interacting with the fans of the sport. If you have a question about the media side of the game, he will answer.


Yes, this is a competing website, but they are good people. And Eric Kowal, the man behind the MyMMANews Twitter account not only posts links to the articles on his website, but he also posts some of the most hilarious memes you will see. He is highly interactive and that’s what you want from accounts that you follow. So go check out MyMMANews on Twitter.

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Jeremy Brand is an experienced MMA writer and columnist. He is the founder of MMASucka.com, and has represented the company with media credentials at many mixed martial arts fights. Jeremy is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training in BC, Canada.

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