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MMASucka staff picks are locked in for this amazing event tonight. Later this evening, July 11th from Fight Island, we will see UFC 251. The card features a trio of championship fights as well as a stacked undercard. The undercard kicks off on ESPN and ESPN+ at 6 PM EST with the main card taking place on ESPN+ PPV at 10 PM EST.

UFC 251: The Fights

The main card consists of three big title fights and a pair of interesting women’s fights. The feature bout of the evening is for the welterweight title between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal took the fight on one week’s notice when Gilbert Burns was forced out due to contracting the Covid-19 virus. It’s a massive fight and the fans seem unbelievably interested.

Jose Aldo will be competing against Petr Yan for the bantamweight title that Henry Cejudo vacated when he announced his retirement. While a lot of fans were incredulous at Jose Aldo getting the title shot, the fight will be exciting and interesting.

Not to be outdone, a third title fight takes place, featuring a rematch between former champion Max Holloway and current featherweight kingpin Alexander Volkanovski. The two met last December at UFC 245 and put on an instant classic. This one should be another outstanding clash!

UFC 246UFC 251 Staff Picks

Throughout the year, staff picks will be composed of five different MMA promotions. UFCBellatorONE, and RIZIN all appeared for the 2019 season and will make returns. The newest addition for the 2020 year will see the PFL including their regular season, playoffs, and championship card. A special staff picks bonus will be introduced and discussed regarding PFL’s playoff format as time gets closer.

Main cards will makeup both UFC and Bellator picks, while the biggest fights to make up ONE, RIZIN, and PFL events will be used. The WINNER of staff picks will have a choice between receiving a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. The 2019 winner was awarded to Michael DeSantis, compiling a record of 321-178. Second-place Connor Deitrich collected a close score of 319-180 with third-place Ed Gallo not far behind totaling at 312-183.

Check out our staff picks for UFC 251 below.

Staff Records after UFC on ESPN 12 :

1. Connor Deitrich: 88-34
2. Michael DeSantis: 87-35
3. Wesley Riddle: 85-37
4. Jeremy Brand: 80-42
5. Matt Bricker: 75-47
6. Dan Rose: 74-48
7. Frazer Krohn: 74-52
8. Nate Freeman: 72-46
9. McKenzie Guardiero: 71-51
10. Ash Camyab: 68-54
11. Mike Skytte: 67-45
12. Andrew Benjamin: 67-55
13. Jack Buchanan: 68-31
14. Ashwin Viswanathan: 66-41
15. Mike Lynch: 65-42
16. Ryan Hobbs: 64-54
17. Mitchell Banuelos: 58-35
18. Ed Gallo: 54-27
19. Joshua Yule: 27-14
20. Jeremy Cook: 14-6

*Note: not all staff has picked for every event*

Paige VanZant (8-4) vs. Amanda Ribas (9-1)

Jeremy Brand: Amanda Ribas via UD
Wesley Riddle: Amanda Ribas via Round UD
Michael DeSantis: Amanda Ribas via Sub (Round 2)
Mitchell Banuelos: Amanda Ribas via UD
Matt Bricker: Amanda Ribas via UD
Connor Deitrich: Amanda Ribas via UD
Ash Camyab: Paige VanZant via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Amanda Ribas via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Amanda Ribas via UD
Frazer Krohn: Amanda Ribas via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Paige VanZant via UD
Dan Rose: Amanda Ribas via UD
Mike Lynch: Amanda Ribas via Submission
Nate Freeman: Amanda Ribas via Sub (Round 2)
Jack Buchanan: Amanda Ribas via SUB (Round 3)
Joshua Yule: Amanda Ribas via UD

Staff Picking Ribas: 14
Staff Picking VanZant: 2

Jessica Andrade (20-7) vs. Rose Namajunas (8-4)

Jeremy Brand: Rose Namajunas via UD
Wesley Riddle: Rose Namajunas via UD
Michael DeSantis: Rose Namajunas via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Rose Namajunas via UD
Matt Bricker: Rose Namajunas via TKO (Round 3)
Connor Deitrich: Rose Namajunas via Submission (Round 3)
Ash Camyab: Rose Namajunas via Submission (Round 2)
Ryan Hobbs: Rose Namajunas via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Rose Namajunas via TKO (Round 1)
Frazer Krohn: Rose Namajunas via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Rose Namajunas via TKO (Round 2)
Dan Rose: Jose Aldo via TKO
Mike Lynch: Rose Namajunas via TKO
Nate Freeman: Rose Namajunas via Split Decision
Jack Buchanan: Rose Namajunas via UD
Joshua Yule: Jessica Andrade via TKO

Staff Picking Namajunas: 15
Staff Picking Andrade: 1

Petr Yan (14-1) vs. Jose Aldo (28-6)

Jeremy Brand: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 2)
Wesley Riddle: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 4)
Michael DeSantis: Petr Yan via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Jose Aldo via TKO (Round 3)
Matt Bricker: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 5)
Connor Deitrich: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 3)
Ash Camyab: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 3)
Ryan Hobbs: Petr Yan via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Jose Aldo via TKO (Round 2)
Frazer Krohn: Jose Aldo via Split Decision
McKenzie Guardiero: Petr Yan via KO (Round 1)
Dan Rose: Jose Aldo via TKO
Mike Lynch: Jose Aldo via UD
Nate Freeman: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 3)
Jack Buchanan: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 5)
Joshua Yule: Petr Yan via TKO (Round 4)

Staff Picking Yan: 11
Staff Picking Aldo: 5

Alexander Volkanovski (21-1) vs. Max Holloway (21-5)

Jeremy Brand: Max Holloway via UD
Wesley Riddle: Alexander Volkanovski via TKO (Round 4)
Michael DeSantis: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Max Holloway via UD
Matt Bricker: Max Holloway via Split Decision
Connor Deitrich: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Ash Camyab: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Max Holloway via TKO (Round 4)
Frazer Krohn: Max Holloway via Split Decision
McKenzie Guardiero: Max Holloway via TKO (Round 3)
Dan Rose: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Mike Lynch: Max Holloway via TKO
Nate Freeman: Max Holloway via Split Decision
Jack Buchanan: Alexander Volkanovski via UD
Joshua Yule: Alexander Volkanovski via UD

Staff Picking Volkanovski: 8
Staff Picking Holloway: 8

Kamaru Usman (16-1) vs. Jorge Masvidal (35-13)

Jeremy Brand: Kamaru Usman via UD
Wesley Riddle: Kamaru Usman via UD
Michael DeSantis: Kamaru Usman via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Kamaru Usman via TKO (Round 5)
Matt Bricker: Kamaru Usman via TKO (Round 3)
Connor Deitrich: Kamaru Usman via UD
Ash Camyab: Kamaru Usman via SUB (Round 4)
Ryan Hobbs: Kamaru Usman via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Jorge Masvidal via TKO (Round 3)
Frazer Krohn: Kamaru Usman via TKO (Round 4)
McKenzie Guardiero: Kamaru Usman via UD
Dan Rose: Kamaru Usman via TKO
Mike Lynch: Jorge Masvidal via TKO
Nate Freeman: Kamaru Usman via UD
Jack Buchanan: Kamaru Usman via UD
Joshua Yule: Kamaru Usman via UD

Staff Picking Usman: 14
Staff Picking Masvidal: 2

Tune into UFC 251 to find out how we did.

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