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MMASucka UFC 252 staff picks are locked in for one of the biggest events of the calendar year. Later this evening, August 15 will see UFC 252 go down from the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main card will begin at 10:00pm ET (7:00pm PT) live on pay-per-view.

The Fights

Everyone is talking about the big heavyweight matchup heading into this event. It’s the trilogy showdown between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. The winner will not only be the UFC champion but will likely go down as the best heavyweight in the history of the UFC. Big stakes ahead of this must-see matchup.

Sean O’Malley will be stepping it up in competition when he meets Marlon Vera in the co-main event. O’Malley is undefeated and 4-0 since earning his contract on the Dana White Contender Series. He’ll be facing Vera who has been on a tear, winning six of his last seven fights.

Junior dos Santos and Jairzinho Rozenstruik will more than likely be a fan-friendly slugfest and will either establish dos Santos as a viable contender or Rozenstruik as one of watch in the heavyweight division.

Check out all of our MMASucka staff picks for UFC 252 further below.

UFC 246

Staff Picks

Throughout the year, staff picks will be composed of five different MMA promotions. UFCBellatorONE, and RIZIN all appeared for the 2019 season and will make returns. The newest addition for the 2020 year will see the PFL including their regular season, playoffs, and championship card. A special staff picks bonus will be introduced and discussed regarding PFL’s playoff format as time gets closer.

Main cards will makeup both UFC and Bellator picks, while the biggest fights to make up ONE, RIZIN, and PFL events will be used. The WINNER of staff picks will have a choice between receiving a championship belt from ProAmBelts or a championship chain from Championship Chains. The 2019 winner was awarded to Michael DeSantis, compiling a record of 321-178. Second-place Connor Deitrich collected a close score of 319-180 with third-place Ed Gallo not far behind totaling at 312-183.

Check out our UFC 252 staff picks below.

Staff Records after UFC Fight Night 173

1. Connor Deitrich: 106-45
2. Michael DeSantis: 104-47
3. Wesley Riddle: 100-51
4. Matt Bricker: 94-57
5. Jeremy Brand: 91-55
6. Dan Rose: 88-63
7T. Frazer Krohn: 87-64
7T. Nate Freeman: 87-60
9. Jack Buchanan: 86-42
10T. Ash Camyab: 84-67
10T. McKenzie Guardiero: 84-67
12T. Ryan Hobbs: 83-59
12T. Mike Lynch: 83-53
14. Ashwin Viswanathan: 76-45
15. Andrew Benjamin: 75-70
16. Mike Skytte: 67-45
17. Mitchell Banuelos: 64-39
18. Ed Gallo: 54-27
19. Joshua Yule: 42-23
20. Jeremy Cook: 14-6

*Note: not all staff has picked for every event*
**Note: Records will be added and current after this event**

Herbert Burns (11-2) vs. Daniel Pineda (26-13)

Jeremy Brand: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Wesley Riddle: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Michael DeSantis: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Matt Bricker: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Connor Deitrich: Daniel Pineda via TKO (Round 1)
Ash Camyab: Herbert Burns via UD
Ryan Hobbs:  Herbert Burns via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Frazer Krohn: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 2)
McKenzie Guardiero: Herbert Burns via UD
Dan Rose:  Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 2)
Mike Lynch: Herbert Burns via UD
Nate Freeman: Herbert Burns via UD
Jack Buchanan: Herbert Burns via Sub (Round 1)
Joshua Yule: Herbert Burns

Staff picking Herbert Burns: 13
Staff picking Daniel Pineda: 1

John Dodson (21-11) vs. Mereb Dvalishvili (26-13)

Jeremy Brand: Dvalishvili via UD
Wesley Riddle: Dvalishvili via UD
Michael DeSantis: Dvalishvili via UD
Matt Bricker: Dvalishvili via UD
Connor Deitrich: John Dodson via TKO (Round 3)
Ash Camyab: John Dodson via KO (Round 2)
Ryan Hobbs:  Dvalishvili via UD
Andrew Benjamin: John Dodson via UD
Frazer Krohn:  Dvalishvili via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: Dvalishvili via UD
Dan Rose: John Dodson via UD
Mike Lynch: Dvalishvili via UD
Nate Freeman: Dvalishvili via Split Decision
Jack Buchanan: Dvalishvili via UD
Joshua Yule: John Dodson

Staff picking John Dodson: 5
Staff picking Mereb Dvalishvili: 10

Junior dos Santos (21-7) vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik(10-1)

Jeremy Brand: Rozenstruik via UD
Wesley Riddle: Junior dos Santos via UD
Michael DeSantis: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 2)
Matt Bricker: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 1)
Connor Deitrich: Junior dos Santos via Unanimous Decision
Ash Camyab: Junior dos Santos via KO (Round 1)
Ryan Hobbs: Rozenstruik via Unanimous Decision
Andrew Benjamin: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 1)
Frazer Krohn: Junior dos Santos via Unanimous Decision
McKenzie Guardiero: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 2)
Dan Rose:  Junior dos Santos via TKO (Round 1)
Mike Lynch: Rozenstruik via TKO
Nate Freeman: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 2)
Jack Buchanan: Rozenstruik via TKO (Round 2)
Joshua Yule: Rozenstruik

Staff picking Junior dos Santos: 5
Staff picking Jairzinho Rozenstruik: 10

Sean O’Malley (10-0) vs. Marlon Vera (17-6)

Jeremy Brand: O’Malley via TKO (Round 2)
Wesley Riddle: O’Malley via SD
Michael DeSantis: O’Malley via UD
Matt Bricker: Sean O’Malley via UD
Connor Deitrich: Marlon Vera via TKO (Round 3)
Ash Camyab: O’Malley via UD
Ryan Hobbs: Vera via UD
Andrew Benjamin: O’Malley via UD
Frazer Krohn: O’Malley via UD
McKenzie Guardiero: O’Malley via TKO (Round 2)
Dan Rose: O’Malley via TKO (Round 2)
Mike Lynch: O’Malley via TKO
Nate Freeman: O’Malley via TKO (Round 1)
Jack Buchanan: Vera via Submission (Round 3)
Joshua Yule: O’Malley

Staff picking Sean O’Malley: 12
Staff picking Marlon Vera: 3

Stipe Miocic (19-3) vs. Daniel Cormier (22-2)

Jeremy Brand: Daniel Cormier via TKO (Round 3)
Wesley Riddle: Daniel Cormier via TKO (Round 2)
Michael DeSantis: Daniel Cormier via TKO (Round 2)
Matt Bricker: Stipe Miocic via TKO (Round 3)
Connor Deitrich: Stipe Miocic via TKO (Round 5)
Ash Camyab: Stipe Miocic via TKO (Round 3)
Ryan Hobbs:  N/A
Andrew Benjamin: Daniel Cormier via UD
Frazer Krohn: Stipe Miocic via Split Decision
McKenzie Guardiero: Daniel Cormier via TKO (Walkoff Round 2)
Dan Rose: Daniel Cormier via Unanimous Decision
Mike Lynch: Daniel Cormier via Unanimous Decision
Nate Freeman: Daniel Cormier via Split Decision
Jack Buchanan: Daniel Cormier via Unanimous Decision
Joshua Yule: Stipe Miocic

Staff picking Stipe Miocic: 5
Staff picking Daniel Cormier: 9

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