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MMA Sucka will have you covered tonight with Tyson vs. Jones results. We will be following the highly anticipated event featuring Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. We’ll have Tyson vs. Jones results as they happen as well as round by round breakdowns of the two co-feature bouts. Check out the results of yesterday’s weigh-ins right here.

Mike Tyson will be facing Roy Jones Jr. in a special modified rules exhibition match. The rules that have been laid out for this exhibition are below.

  • The fight consists of eight, two-minute rounds.
  • The boxers will not wear headgear.
  • There will be no knockouts.
  • The fight will immediately be stopped if either fighter is cut.
  • Fighters will wear 12-ounce gloves to provide additional padding.
  • No judges will determine a winner and in fact, a winner will not be announced.

The preliminary bouts start at 5 PM PST with the four-fight main card kicking off at 6 PM PST. It should be an entertaining night of action if nothing else. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are remembered for their amazing careers. Both men are now north of 50 years old, but they say power is the last thing you use, and these guys both had plenty in their heydays. In fact, Mike Tyson was one of the most feared fighters to ever step into the ring. His highlight reel of knockouts is well established and Roy Jones will likely try and avoid clashes early, wear Tyson down and pack on points in the later rounds.

In the co-main event, Jake Paul will take on Nate Robinson in a fight nobody saw coming just a year ago. Paul is a b-level celebrity and Nate Robinson a former NBA player and slam dunk champion. He’s a tough guy though and played both football and basketball for the University of Washington.

You can catch all the action here on If you’re unable to catch the fights live via Fite, follow along here as we’ll be doing results as they happen and covering the two main fights round by round.

Tyson vs. Jones Results – Main Card

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Round 1: Roy Jones utilized speed in the early going to avoid damage and land a couple of flurries. Jones worked behind a stiff and accurate jab. Good round for Jones Jr.

Round 2: The two fighters worked out of the clinch and Tyson landed some solid shots to the body. Tyson landed a right hand to the head, which might have been the best shot of the fight. It was a fun round, I scored it for Mike Tyson.

Round 3: Both fighters meet in the middle, but Jones lands a sneaky left hand. Tyson threw a left to the body that landed with a thud. It was a close round, but nothing too compelling or damaging landed. Could go either way.

Round 4: Reminder that we won’t get an official winner and judges will not issue an official result. It’s an exhibition. There is more clinching in the fourth of eight scheduled rounds and neither fighter is doing much. Jones is wanted for holding. Tyson went back to back hooks to the body and Jones seemed to be hurt. Biggest shots of the round, sway it for Tyson. Could be even after four.

Round 5: Good action to open the fifth round. Tyson hurt Jones with a big shot, and things might be swinging his way (in theory). The biggest shot of the round was delivered by Tyson and he would have won this round and taken a slight lead on my card.

Late Rounds

Round 6: Round six and thus far the fight has been enjoyable. Tyson unloads another shot to the body and they are adding up and taking a toll. Granted they are only fighting two-minute rounds, but both guys look to be in good shape and as the round closes, Jones lands a big shot to the head of Tyson. Jones wins the round and it’s even on my card.

Round 7: Mike Tyson turns up the heat and lands a body shot as well as a shot off the head of Jones. The fighters clash heads but neither man is cut. Man oh man, Tyson rips shots to the body. Round ends and I scored it for “Iron Mike” and he’s up 67-66 on my card.

Round 8: Good back and forth action. Both men landed shots with Tyson again working the body. This expedition is over. If the goal of this fight was to show two legends competing in a heated sparring match, mission accomplished. Good back and forth fight that was quite enjoyable to watch. Was it classic Tyson or Jones? No. Not expecting that, however, and for what the expectations were heading in, it more than met those. I scored it for Tyson 77-75 for Mike Tyson.

Jake Paul def. Nate Robinson via KO (Right Hand) at 1:30 of Round 2

Round 1: Nate Robinson came out early firing and landed a couple of nice shots on Jake Paul. Snoop Dogg was on commentary and was firmly behind Nate Robinson. Lots of clinching kept Paul from being able to set anything up. Nate rushed in and took a shot to the back of the head dropping him. He got up at nine and the fight continued. The knockdown swung the round to Paul, even if it was to the back of the head.

Round 2: The fighters both came out firing but Nate ate a massive right hand. He went down hard but once again beat the count. He was on his feet for half a minute and ate another big right that knocked him cold! Wow!

Badou Jack def. Blake McKernan via Unanimous Decision (80-72 x 3)
Jamaine Ortiz def. Sulaiman Segawa via TKO (Punches) at 2:50 of Round 7

Tyson vs. Jones Results – Preliminary Card

Edward Vasquez def. Irvin Gonzalez Jr.via Split Decision (77-75, 75-77 & 77-75
Joe Cusumano vs. Gregory Corbin – Reserve Bout

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