Hotsuit and Everlast tag team for UFC Fighters Collaboration

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If you are a UFC fan, then you will be thrilled to know that there are some great things in store for you!

The UFC is going to see one of the biggest collaboration deals for MMA clothing and gear this year, and that is between Hotsuit and Everlast.

Hotsuit and Everlast collaborate for UFC fighter collections

These amazing brands have come together to promote the thrill of this sport that is MMA fighting. Anyone sitting at home who is a UFC enthusiast will be able to experience the charm of the UFC.

If you are not familiar with these brands, then we will give you all the 411 you need. 

Established way back in 1910, a Manhattan based company; Everlast has been producing and distributing MMA gear and fitness equipment around the world. They are also famous for designing gear and equipment for champions like Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson back in the day. 

A fun fact to know: Jack Dempsey was geared up by Everlast in 1919 which is when he won his first championship! He had specifically asked for protective headgear that would withstand more than 15 rounds of boxing.

Everlast has been around for quite some time now, and they have built an empire for gearing professional athletes.

Hotsuit is also an athleisure brand that has recently entered the professional fighting market with some one of a kind sauna suits. These guys are quite renowned in being super creative with their athleisure wear because they use patented fabrics that are known to increase body temperature and enhance the results of a work out session.

They are the leading pioneers to do this with sauna suits, and as a result they have design active wear that will not only make you sweat more, but will also help with shaping the body.

If you weren’t aware before, sauna suits are not the most comfortable to wear, but Hotsuit has transformed that and made them into an essential item to have for a fitness freak.

Hotsuit have designed sauna suits specifically for MMA fighters as part of this collaboration. These suits have graphene which has a bunch of cool properties that will facilitate boxing and working out.

It allows the heat to be distributed uniformly across the body, and it also allows the fabric to stay dry and prevents any growth of bacteria on the surface.

Current brand ambassador for the Hotsuit and Everlast collab

The products brand ambassador, Rose Namajunas, who we all love and better known as Thug Rose swears by the sauna suits and wears them for her fights. According to Rose, people should grab these sauna suits to experience the thrill of fighting.

So if you want to snag a pair, go to Hotsuit online store now and place your order!


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