Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian Fight

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A potential Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian fight talk fills the MMA world today after Nunes called out Kardashian on Twitter, asking her, ‘let’s do this?’ after UFC President Dana White says the event would be the “biggest-selling event ever.”

White Having Fun With Exhibition Boxing

UFC President Dana White is one of many people having fun with the popularity of exhibition boxing matches. Since 50-0 boxing legend Floyd Mayweather  Jr. got in the ring with Jake Paul’s brother, YouTuber Logan Paul on Sunday night in a Showtime PPV event, everyone has their idea of fantasy fights they’d love to see happen. Littered throughout the card were celebrity boxing ‘fights’ with varied hype around each.

White was vocal about exhibition boxing events, as he has been for some time now. We know that he isn’t the biggest fan of celebrity boxing matches of this nature. He joked around that Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian would be the “biggest fight in history.” Nunes responded on Twitter, asking Kardashian in a tweet, “let’s do this?”

Paul vs. Mayweather Exhibition Boxing 

The recent Paul-Mayweather exhibition match was not sanctioned due to the considerable weight difference between the men. Mayweather weighted-in at 155-lbs., Logan at 193 lbs. The men went the full eight rounds, free of  judges scoring the rounds or declaring an official winner. 

Kim Kardashian Boxing a Second Time

This would be the second time Kim Kardashian stepped inside a boxing ring.

In 2009, Kardashian participated in a celebrity boxing match at the Kardashian Charity Knockout event, fighting Tamara Frapasella. Unfortunately for Kim, this boxing match showed us that fighting is not her forte. Her lack of boxing skills leaves us wondering if Kim could actually defend herself if someone attacked her in real life! 

Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian: How Many Girls Would it Take?

How many Kardashians would it take to KO Nunes? Forget a KO. How many Kardashians would it take to survive one punch from Nunes? Most of us, guy or girl, would not want to be front and centre of a flying Nunes fist, that’s for certain. Personally, I’d faint at the sight of her fist coming near my face. She hits hard, she has heart for fighting, and she is extremely skilled and talented. She was meant to be a fighter.

Nunes has not lost a fight since 2014. She also holds titles in two divisions while still competing in them, making her the first UFC women’s fighter to accomplish this feat and only the third athlete in the sport. Nunes also ranks as the #1 pound-for-pound women’s contender in the UFC. She’s also widely considered the G.O.A.T. of women’s MMA.

Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian: Only in Our Mind

A fight between Nunes and Kardashian will never happen, but many spectators would love to see them in the ring, whether they’re fans or haters. For now, and likely forever, we’ll only have visions of an Amanda Nunes vs. Kim Kardashian fight to enjoy in our minds.

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