Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III Preview

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All the nonsense is over with and we are 24 hours away from the trilogy fight between two of the greatest heavyweights in our generation fighting for what many expect to be the final time. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder both have knockouts on the mind as they each look silence the other while bringing their titles back to Manchester and Tuscaloosa respectively.

Both men had in-depth pieces this week on MMA Sucka as we debuted a new series titled Ring Walk, both Fury and Wilder have had unique careers and have stories worth cheering for and those pieces do a great job of illustrating that for readers and fans.

With those pieces breaking down the stories to date and the fighters themselves this frees up this preview to be a better look at what both men hope to do and the keys to success they are looking at. 


Keys to Victory for Tyson Fury

Finding critiques for the winner of the previous fight is always a tough ask, but for Fury, it is especially difficult. Many saw the first fight as one for Fury. Despite the two knockdowns for Wilder, the scorecards also showed that had Wilder not scored the final knockdown in round 12 that it was going Fury’s way. 

Fury has the size and boxing prowess to keep the unorthodox Wilder at bay, where he can score points while also landing the power shots to wear him down. In the first fight, Fury had a ton of success with the jab and straight rights he has at his disposal. In the second fight, it was the hooks and bodywork that helped Fury find success as Wilder broke down as the fight went on and it was the hooks that burst Wilder’s eardrum and made blood pour from his ear. 

In this third fight, Tyson Fury simply has to bring the complete toolbox to the fight while also showcasing that defensive ability he has shown against the lower-ranked fighters on his resume. It seems that Deontay Wilder is leaning towards retirement regardless of this fight based on rumblings before the week but after hearing him this week it seems that is a strong possibility. A Wilder with nothing to lose is a dangerous opponent for anyone on any stage so defense, not offense, will be the biggest key for Fury this Saturday.

Keys to Victory for Deontay Wilder

New trainer Malik Scott seems to have created a new and improved Deontay Wilder, but most importantly he is relaxed. Wilder always has intense fight weeks like the ones with Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz where it involves constantly talking and hyping himself up. Obviously those outcomes were great for him, but we saw how the last two against Fury went so it seems a new approach is happening. Wilder almost appears like he is at peace with whatever happens this weekend, and that may be because he has one foot out the door to retirement. If that is the case, this will be the most dangerous Wilder to date.

Wilder has shown he has the power to hurt Tyson Fury, but he has lacked the power to finish him. That can not be the case on Saturday. Deontay Wilder needs to be able to save the power for the later rounds, where Fury seems to thrive, because with the rumors of Fury maybe having fitness issues, that may be his best chance. In the beginning and middle of the fight, Wilder does not need to be trying to hit home runs, the singles and doubles with his approach will do wonders as the fight goes on, and something that is really missing from his game is the bodywork. Fury has shown to have a dynamic ability with his head movement despite his size. However, that size gives a giant torso to target, and that is where Wilder should go to find success.

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