Glover Teixeira Earns Long-Awaited Title at UFC 267

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After all the Hasbullah photo op punches, Dana White teasing secrets, and a card that entertained top to bottom, all that was left was the battle between Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira. Media and fans alike loved the matchup, the friendly interactions on UFC Embedded all week, and in the end one of them had to leave with their hand raised and it was the man who has made his home in Danbury, Connecticut.

Glover Teixeira Earns Light Heavyweight Title at 42

Glover Teixeira was able to secure his long-awaited title belt around his waist and gave himself his John Elway moment by taking it right to Blachowicz from the start of the first round. He was able to secure a takedown early before either man had developed any sweat that made the grappling difficult, and used simple yet effective grappling and striking techniques on the ground to secure the first round. Teixeira even busted out a can opener to wear down Blachowicz to end round one but it was round two that we saw things get a little wilder.

Glover Teixeira was attempting the takedowns that earned him round one but Jan Blachowicz’s takedown defense became better just by him being more aware of the plan Teixeira was trying to impose. With the takedowns being defended well by Blachowicz, Teixeira was finally able to open up his boxing more and was able to stun Blachowicz and drop him but he quickly got back up and laid some Polish power onto Teixeira, but not with the same effect.

The fight would again reach the ground and Teixeira was able to make transitions with ease and eventually earned Blachowicz’s back and from there he was able to sink in a rear-naked choke and secure the win.

Teixeira and Blachowicz embraced, not that we all expected anything different, but this was a main event no one wanted to see either fighter lose. Teixeira immediately began celebrating with his team and the camera cut to his wife who was emotional in the crowd. Meanwhile, Blachowicz was being comforted by his fiance with his head in hands, but post-fight he stated he would be back and would bring the Polish Power again.

What’s Next for the New Champ?

For Glover Teixeira though, it’s no rest for the wicked. 

Waiting in the crowd among the rabid Yas Island fans was Jiri Prochazka, who was on emergency standby for this event but now he gets his long-awaited title shot against the new champ. Teixeira discussed taking some time off, hinting at a May return, but when he decides to come back and defend his title, he will have a stiff challenge waiting for him. 

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