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Ricardo Arona to be inducted to the ADCC Hall of Fame

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ADCC doesn’t stop with its’ Hall of Fame expansion. As it was announced by promotion via Instagram, Ricardo Arona will join an already known lineup, that consists of such names as Roger Gracie, Andre Galvao, and Marcelo Garcia.

The Brazilian is unbeaten in ADCC competition and has won three gold medals. In 2000 he took first place in 99kg weight class, defeating both Tito Ortiz and Jeff Monson in the process. A year later he has again dominated 99kg division adding victories over Renato Sobral and Ricardo Almeida. He also finished first in absolute division by defeating Saulo Ribeiro, Vitor Belfort, JJ Machado, and former UFC Heavyweight champion, Mark Kerr

But grappling competition circus wasn’t big enough for Arona, and soon he has directed his focus on MMA. At the beginning of his Mixed Martial Arts career, he has fought for RINGS promotion, where he has won Middleweight Championship Tournament by defeating Gustavo Machado via TKO. Thanks to this victory he has become inaugural and only RINGS Middleweight champion.  

After RINGS closed its’ doors Arona found a new home in a legendary PRIDE FC promotion. He has won his first three fights gaining victories over such notable names as Guy Mezger, Dan Henderson, and Murilo Rua. The streak came to the end at Pride FC Critical Countdown, where Quinton Jackson slammed Arona to the canvas in truly highlighted fashion.  

The Brazilian Tiger has bounced back from this loss and found himself among 2005 Pride FC Middleweight competitors. During the tournament, he has won over Dean Lister, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Wanderlei Silva. Unfortunately for him, he has lost in the final to Mauricio Rua. His last noteworthy came at Pride FC Final Conflict Absolute when he defeated Alistair Overeem via TKO. Arona MMA record is 14 wins and 5 loses.

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