Kyra Gracie to be inducted into ADCC Hall of Fame

Image for Kyra Gracie to be inducted into ADCC Hall of Fame

Kyra Gracie has made history by being ADCC’s youngest female champion and now she’s doing it again by being the first female to be inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame. 

Gracie is a BJJ black belt under Carlos Gracie Junior which makes her one of only two women in the family to achieve such a high level. She has an unblemished 9 – 0 record in ADCC competition circuit and has won World Championships 3 times in 60kg division. She’s also 4 times BJJ World Champion in both 76,5kg and Absolute division, and two times BJJ Pan American Champion.

Thanks to her accomplishments Kyra Gracie was considered one of the world’s best BJJ practitioners and competitors in her early 20’s. Now, 36 years old, she is 4th degree black Belt in BJJ and a black belt in Judo. 

Featured Image courtesy of ADCC official Instagram

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