Jay Overmeer & Melvin Manhoef on Glory 80 Debut “This is My Dream”

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“The first fight I saw him fighting,” Timeless MMA and Kickboxing legend Melvin Manhoef remarked about Jay Overmeer, “He took the fight on short notice and he fought a guy who had tons of experience and he just rocked him.” Jay Overmeer will be making his promotional debut at GLORY 80, on March 19. But Previously he was a multi-time champion with the World Fighting League, which Manhoef founded. As soon as Manhoef saw Overmeer fight he knew he had to sign him. “And then I was like,” Manhoef continues, “This guy I need, I want this guy [Overmeer]. So he joined WFL and now he’s there in GLORY, it’s his home now… He’s going to surprise people”

Recently, Jay Overmeer and Melvin Manhoef sat down with MMA Sucka to discuss the WFL champion making his GLORY debut. Interview below.

Jay Overmeer & Melvin Manhoef Interview – GLORY 80 Debut, Badr Hari vs Arek Wrzosek, and more

 Jay Overmeer on GLORY Debut

“This is my dream for 11 years,” The young Jay Overmeer had dreamed of the day he could fight in GLORY kickboxing. Now, his dream is being realized. “Finally I can show the world what I’m capable of.” At GLORY 80 Overmeer will be facing Jos van Belzen who has multiple fights already in the promotion. “I’m very excited, I’m ready to go.”

Melvin Manhoef also said that he was very impressed with the stable mindset of Overmeer, “He’s very stable in his head, you know. He explained to me a lot of things and said listen, I don’t need to rush…. he’s gonna stay forever.”

I asked Overmeer what’s next for him after this win, whether he has a top ten opponent already lined up for a call-out. Instead, Overmeer said he is taking this just one fight at a time and is in no rush. “I don’t want to rush.” He said, “Just go a little bit, a little bit, a little bit, and then… go for the title shot.”


We also had time for the gentlemen to discuss other fights happening such as the main event of GLORY 80; Wrzosek vs Hari. “If Badr’s hands are high he wins for sure!” Manhoef followed up saying, “Badr is my training partner now at SB gym so you know we’re gonna cheer for Badr, of course.”

Jay Overmeer is a two-time kickboxing champion in World Fighting League and will be facing Jos van Belzen at GLORY 80, his promotional debut, on March 19. We discuss other fights on GLORY 80, his training, and his mindset. See the full interview above.

What is his key to success? “Just believe in yourself and keep on going.” Overmeer said, “Train hard every day and for me, it took 11 years. It was a dream for me and I think, win or lose you must go on.”

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