‘Still Has The Hunger’ Coach Said El Badaoui Talks Badr Hari

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“The game plan? We don’t have a game plan because we’re gonna do what we did the last time,” SB Gym coach Said El Badaoui tells me, “You have seen the fight. We’re not gonna change anything.” We’re discussing his student Badr Hari, “The only thing what we’re gonna do is stay sharp, and working the body,” Badr Hari fought Arkadiusz Wrzosek months ago and knocked down the Polish heavyweight multiple times. Hari dominated this fight until Wrzosek landed a headkick which won the fight via knockout. Badr Hari will be seeking revenge on GLORY 80. “Badr was having one a really good fight against Arkadiusz except for the one kick, he was winning the whole fight.”

Recently MMA Sucka sat down with SB Gym coach Said El Badaoui to discuss GLORY 80. We talked about Badr Hari’s revenge goals. Also, another one of his students will be fighting on GLORY 80 being the knockout king Serkan OzcaglayanEl Badaoui’s interview with Tim Wheaton can be found below.

‘Still Has The Hunger’ SB Gym Coach Said El Badaoui Talks Badr Hari, GLORY 80, and more


Glory 80 and Badr Hari

“This fight is the most important fight,” El Badaoui says that Hari and the team are focused on this fight on March 19 and are not picking future opponents, “Then after this fight, we can see. Because otherwise you’re gonna talk about other fights… I think for now his focus is on this fight and after this fight, we’re gonna see what’s gonna happen.” After GLORY 80 Badr Hari has many opportunities at heavyweight with multiple eligible opponents. Options include another title challenge against Rico Verhoeven, fighting the winner of Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Levi Rigtersor finishing a trilogy with Alistair Overeem. “For the audience, it would be a very good fight,” El Badaoui said regarding a potential Overeem vs Hari third match.

“He’s of two generations of kickboxing,” El Badaoui said about Badr Hari, “He’s from the generation of the K-1 time, heavyweight division at that time and he is from the generation of this time. I can say one thing, for me, [he’s] an honor to work… He’s always dedicated and still has the hunger… He has five children, he has a family. When he comes to the gym always he put the maximum in his training.”

“Discipline is a very important thing,” Said El Badaoui of SB Gym has trained world champions in Kickboxing and has two fighters competing on GLORY 80, with his great amount of experience he tells us what advice he gives to people who may be starting in this sport, “The second thing is it’s never gonna be how you want it or the way you want it. But still, focus… It’s a slogan; hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work. What I see, a lot of boys here, they have not so much talent but they work very hard and they reach their end goal.”

“You must give everything,” Get out of your comfort zone and hit the gym, and push yourself, El Badaoui says, “If you stay in your comfort zone and train like how you want, and you get in [a] fight and it will be a very difficult fight. It’s easy to quit.”

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