GLORY 80 Hari vs Wrzosek Cancelled – Official Statement

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The GLORY 80, hosted in Hasselt, Belgium has been canceled due to safety concerns. Fans in the audience were throwing garbage, drinks, and chairs at each other mid-way through the Badr Hari vs Arkadisuz Wrzosek 2 bout. Before the fight had begun fans were throwing garbage at each other and also brawling in the audience. Wrzosek scored a knockdown on Hari late in round two which ignited the audience. Chairs and garbage were thrown at each other, and more fights began. Riot police of Belgium were brought into the arena to assist with escorting fans out and ensure fights did not break out in the parking lot.

Fans were warned by the ring announcer to return to their seats so the fight could continue. In between rounds 2 and 3 rather than a one-minute break it became a near ten-minute break. Hari was quite shaky after getting knocked down got some extended rest. The two combatants throughout the break were also waving to their respective fans who continued to cheer. At which point was announced the remaining Hari – Wrzosek fight would be canceled and the Rigters vs Jamal Ben Saddik fight. Throughout the entire event at the Trixxo Arena, no alcohol was served. GLORY 80 was also the first pay-per-view of GLORY Kickboxing.

Official Statement from GLORY Kickboxing Regarding GLORY 80

Hasselt, 19 March 2022 – GLORY deeply regrets that GLORY 80 was interrupted by people exhibiting unsafe behavior. We never condone or accept behavior that endangers other fans that come to our events to enjoy a night of top sport. Upon the request of the police in the city of Hasselt, we stopped the event after the 2nd round of Hari – Wrzosek. 

We apologize to the fans who did not get to see the end of this bout and the Ben Saddik – Rigters matchup. Also to the athletes who trained so hard and did not get to compete. Martial arts is a sport of respect and fair competition inside and outside of the ring.

Updated March 20:

GLORY Kickboxing adds:

For the past 10 years, GLORY has successfully been organizing safe, world-class events in dozens of cities and countries around the world. In preparation of and during the GLORY 80 event at the Trixxo Arena in Hasselt, Belgium, GLORY worked with the local authorities and took all steps necessary to ensure the on-site safety precautions and procedures.

Unfortunately, a group of individuals with bad intentions attended the event last night. They exhibited unsafe behavior during the event. With absolute regard to the safety of the audience and upon the request of the local authorities, GLORY stopped the event. It was the first time that such an incident has ever taken place at a GLORY event, and we would like to report that with today’s knowledge all event attendees are safe and no one was seriously injured. Safety of all participants and attendees has always and will always be GLORY’s utmost priority.    

We are deeply saddened that these irresponsible actions have ruined everyone’s night: from fighters, to viewers, to the 7,000 fans, and GLORY staff and partners who participated into the sold-out Trixxo Arena which was supposed to be part of a special night. These individuals tried to tarnish the image of the sport that we and millions of fans around the world love and care about. This type of behavior has no place in our sport or at our events.

Over the next days, GLORY will be conducting a full investigation on this incident together with the local authorities. We will take all necessary measures and apply the strictest sanctions, including legal actions, to anyone who took part, directly or indirectly, in any misconduct.

Lastly, GLORY will communicate actions that will be implemented for GLORY’s pay-per-view customers by email next week.

Video of the the riot starting.

Photos by Tim Wheaton post-event GLORY 80.

GLORY 80 held great fights otherwise leading up to the Badr Hari vs Arkadisuz Wrzosek 2 fight with no audience issue. The biggest winner of the evening was certainly an impressive TKO victory for Tiffany van Soest who fought a champion from a competing kickboxing organization. Full results are below. 

Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Levi Rigters – Fight cancelled due to security concerns.

Arkadiusz Wrzosek vs. Badr Hari – Fight cancelled after two rounds due to security concerns from audience fights.

Tiffany van Soest Def. Manazo Kobayashi via TKO (Spinning heel kick to the body) in Round 5 at 2:56 – defends GLORY Super Bantamweight Championship

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