Makhachev Dismisses McGregor Title Talk as Fake News

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There are some stories in sport that just refuse to lie down and die. When the sport in question is MMA, you can bet that most of those stories involve a certain gentleman from the Emerald Isle. Perhaps the hardest story to swallow is that more than two years have gone by since Conor McGregor last won a fight when he defeated Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246. 

Makhachev Dismisses McGregor Title Talk

Dana White predicts that McGregor, who is currently recovering from the gruesome injury he suffered at UFC 264 in December, will be back in the octagon this year and will challenge for the lightweight title. However, Islam Makhachev has dismissed the talk as fake news, casting doubt on his ability to return to fitness and to get his weight down to the required 155lb. 

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All just noise

Makhachev is touted to be near the front of the line for a title shot. The MMA odds favour him to have a realistic chance of taking the title from reigning champion Charles Oliveira, assuming he successfully defends his title against Justin Gaethje in May. He told ESPN that talk of McGregor’s return is aimed purely at generating interest for the fans but has no genuine substance. He said: “I think this fake. It’s gonna be hard for him to make 155 because he drunk all days, and lot of people are gonna smash him in this situation.”   

He went on to predict that if McGregor returns at all, he will take on “Nate Diaz or some old people for make some money,” but that his title-challenging days are behind him.  

A shot at the title

Makhachev breezed past Bobby Green in next to no time at UFC Fight Night 202 last month. It took his own winning streak to 10, so it is understandable that he has little time for the suggestion that McGregor could line up a title fight ahead of him. His problem is that getting on the wrong side of Dana White can seriously hinder title shots, yet that’s exactly what he has managed to do.  

White claims that Makhachev turned down an opportunity to fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 272, and in so doing damaged his chances of a shot at the title. Now, White says Makhachev needs to fight Beneil Dariush. He says: “Since he turned down this fight we’re going to remake the Dariush fight.” His further comment that things could be “interesting” if he wins imply that this is what it will take for him to challenge for the title. 

Makhachev denies he turned down the dos Anjos fight, but his protestations will count for little. In the meantime, he says he has no objection to taking on McGregor himself, saying: “if he wants to come back, let’s do it. I will be happy to smash him.”  

Ultimately, two things are certain. Conor McGregor is still box office entertainment and whatever happens, the coming months are going to be interesting. 

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