“It’s a Dream Come True” Rhys Brudenell Talks Debut ahead of GLORY 80 Studio

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“It’s a dream come true for me,” Rhys Brudenell sat down with MMA Sucka to discuss his upcoming GLORY kickboxing fight which is his debut in the organization. He tells us how much it means to him to be making his debut in GLORY. GLORY 80 Studio is scheduled for Saturday, May 14 2022. At this event, he will be making his debut against Kevin Tariq Osaro, of Nigeria.

Rhys Brudenell Interview – Talks GLORY 80 Studio

‘The Bruza” Brudenell is a British-born kickboxer. He says it’s been a challenge getting any fights in the UK so it’s a bit of a relief to compete now in the heavyweight division of GLORY. He explains, “It’s like it’s been a bit of a struggle in this country to get some good fights.” Brudenell ends most of his fights in the first round via knockout. On May 14 at GLORY 80 Studio, he will be seeking another knockout at this event.

This British-born fighter explains his motivation for starting in the sport of kickboxing, which was his friend Joshua who sadly passed away.

Make sure to check out the interview and his fight at GLORY 80 Studio.

Rhys Brudenell Rhys Brudenell GLORY 80 Studio

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