Rico Verhoeven To Face Hesdy Gerges in Next Fight on October 29

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Rico Verhoeven’s next fight has been announced. Rico Verhoeven will face Hesdy Gerges in his next bout on October 29, 2022. This fight will be in the ‘HIT IT’ promotion. This story was initially released from in an exclusive interview.

Verhoeven is the GLORY heavyweight kickboxing world champion and has ten title defenses to his name. His notable victories includes fighters such as Badr Hari, Jamal Ben Saddik, Gökhan Saki, Hesdy Gerges, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Errol Zimmerman, among others. His next bout will not be in GLORY, but instead, he will fight in ‘HIT IT,’ which is scheduled for October 29 at the Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Hesdy Gerges is an accomplished Egyptian kickboxer. In 2010 he earned the It’s Showtime heavyweight kickboxing title. Gerges has defeated notable fighters such as Ewerton Teixeira, Mohamed El Bouchaibi, Jamal Ben Saddik, Daniel Ghiţă, and others. writes:

“Rico Verhoeven fight Hesdy Gerges during Hit It in Ahoy Rotterdam

Rico Verhoeven will meet Hesdy Gerges at the Hit It event on October 29. The Glory kickboxing champion announced this in an exclusive interview with Vechtsport Info. It won’t be a title fight, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

For Rico Verhoeven and Hesdy Gerges, it will be a reunion after their last clash in 2021 during Glory 77 in Rotterdam Ahoy. Gerges entered the match last minute, lost but hoped for a rematch. This one is now outside Glory but no less exciting Verhoeven said.

,,It will be a really top event with a mix of well-known artists and martial arts. The goal is to provide an evening full of entertainment,” says Verhoeven. ,,I will fight against Hesdy Gerges who will now have a longer preparation. So expect a bang.”

In addition to Gerges, his wife Denise Kielholtz also fights against former rival Lorena Klijn. The two faced each other in 2012. There, Kielholtz who now fights at Bellator MMA won. However, Kielholtz will not be doing an MMA fight but kickboxing.

,,We would also like to emphasize that women’s competitions are just as important as men’s. Look at the recent match of Irish boxing champion Katie Taylor, that is not inferior to the men,” said Verhoeven.

The event promises to be a spectacle that also includes details from American events. ,,We have visited a number of events such as the NBA. And we do something extra there, every ticket purchased is equal to a lottery ticket. There are great prizes to be won. And they are great,” said Verhoeven, who is looking forward to October.”

On Instagram, Verhoeven wrote about ‘HIT IT’ and said. “Excited to announce the brand new sports and live entertainment show HIT IT. October 29th Rotterdam Ahoy. A mixture of pro fights, amazing music performances and live entertainment for everybody who loves sports and music.

Rico Verhoeven Hesdy Gerges HIT IT

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