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Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds 2022: The Lightweights Results

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Combat Jiu Jitsu returns to action for the first time this year today, as Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds 2022: The Lightweights goes down live from Planet Hollywood in Cancun, Mexico. For those unfamiliar, Combat Jiu Jitsu is EBI-rules Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the added wrinkle of the availability of open-palm strikes on the ground, allowing for the possibility of a TKO finish.

The event has an interesting combination of MMA veterans, Combat Jiu Jitsu mainstays, and newcomers to the sport competing in the 16-man tournament. UFC veterans Rafael Dias and Jim Alers combine with Dana White’s Contender Series alums Diego Lopes and Mikey Gonzalez to make up the MMA-based contingency. The reigning Combat Jiu Jitsu Featherweight Champion Keith Krikorian joins former tournament finalists Nathan Orchard and Jordan Holy as the presumptive favorites of the tournament, while David Weintraub, Adrian Madrid, and Mikey Zindler all have previous CJJ experience as well. Decorated grapplers and MMA fighters Damien Anderson, Kieran Kichuk, Ethan Crelinsten, Adrian Luna Martinetti, Trent Ebarb, and Gian Mastrolorenzo all will make their debuts in the sport.

Also on the card is a special match between three-time tournament competitor Ben Eddy and 2021 featherweight competitor Orlando Yeh.

Stay tuned to MMA Sucka for live updates on Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds 2022: The Lightweights. The action begins at 6pm ET/3pm PT on UFC Fight Pass.

Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds 2022: The Lightweights Results

Final Round

Ethan Crelinsten def. Nathan Orchard via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 6:49 of Regulation

Special Match

Ben Eddy def. Orlando Yeh via Submission (Dead Orchard) at 0:54 of Regulation

Semifinal Round

Nathan Orchard def. Keith Krikorian via Submission (Dead Orchard) at 5:42 of Regulation

Ethan Crelinsten def. Damien Anderson via Submission (Armbar) at 1:53 of Regulation

Quarterfinal Round

Nathan Orchard def. Diego Lopes via Submission (Armbar) at 1:20 of Regulation

Keith Krikorian def. Jordan Holy via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) at 3:43 of Regulation

Ethan Crelinsten def. Kieran Kichuk via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 5:21 of Regulation

Damien Anderson def. David Weintraub via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:22 of Regulation

Opening Round

Nathan Orchard def. Trent Ebarb via Submission (Dead Orchard) at 7:12 of Regulation

Diego Lopes def. Jim Alers via Submission (Armbar) at 0:51 of Top Half of Overtime Round 1

Jordan Holy def. Mikey Zindler via Submission (Heel Hook) at 0:21 of Regulation

Keith Krikorian def. Gian Mastrolorenzo via Submission (Heel Hook) at 2:27 of Regulation

Ethan Crelinsten def. Adrian Luna via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:51 of Regulation

Kieran Kichuk def. Mikey Gonzalez via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:59 of Regulation

David Weintraub def. Rafael Dias via Fastest Escape Time after Three Overtime Rounds

Damien Anderson def. Adrian Madrid via KO (Strikes from Leg Lock Position) at 2:59 of Regulation

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