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3 Most Memorable Weigh-ins in MMA History

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Weigh-ins have always been a tradition in combat sports where the most fundamental aspect is to check if the fighters make it under the class weight to fight the next day. On top of that, fans can gauge how easy or excruciating the weight cuts were by their physical appearance when they flex their muscles on the scale. The competitors also exhibit their intensity and animosity during the staredown. Although many weigh-ins don’t have a lot of action, sometimes an unusual weigh-in can become just as much a talking point as the fight itself. And a weigh-in has been known to affect the action in pre-fight bets, which you can check with a BetRivers promo code for Ontario, for example. These are the top three weigh-ins that had fans shocked.

3 Most Memorable Weigh-ins in MMA

Ian McCall vs Manel Kape

During the Rizin World Grand Prix 2017: 2nd Round, fans saw the Rizin debut of UFC veteran Ian McCall going up against the up-and-comer Manel Kape. McCall was on an unfortunate streak of bad luck when all five of his scheduled bouts were canceled before he left the UFC and was looking to bounce back from his unanimous decision loss to John Lineker. The UFC veteran requested to be released from his contract and his wish was granted. Shortly after McCall was signed by Rizin, he made his debut against Kape who was coming off a six-fight winning streak with all wins ending within the distance. Once the two weighed in on December 28, 2017 in Saitama, Japan, they did the traditional look toward the crowd for pictures. Kape was speaking and McCall started laughing at what the young fighter had to say. Kape slapped the UFC vet in the back of the head and McCall responded by attempting a left strike. Kape would try two open-handed strikes before the officials could step in and separate the two. McCall would lose the fight via TKO after suffering a cut that was brought upon him by the ropes.

Fabian Edwards vs Michael Shipman

Bellator London- MVP vs Melillo weigh-ins, back on November 23, 2019, saw a chaotic stare down between the undefeated Fabian Edwards and Michael Shipman. The media and officials could tell that this staredown was going to be intense when Edwards could not keep his eyes off Shipman. The resulting next couple of seconds were not expected however as a scuffle ensued when Edwards raised his arm up against Shipman’s face. The Birmingham fighter accused Shipman of flinching so Shipman tried to grab him while Edwards answered back with a slap. Many officials intervened and even main event fighter Michael “Venom”  Page attempted to go after Edwards. Officials eventually got all parties to leave without continuing the staredown. Edwards would end up being victorious with a split decision win the next night.

Amadeusz Roslik vs Adrian Polanski 1

Polish fighters Amadeusz Roslik and Adrian Polanski had a crazy weigh-in at the first meeting at Fame 4 taking place on June 22, 2019, in Częstochowa, Poland. When the two stared down, Roslik immediately met Polanski with a slap and Adrian looked to commit to a tackle. Security separated them with two guards mounting and pinning Roslik to the ground. While trying to push off officials, Polanski fell off behind the banner and off the stage along with an official that was trying to subdue him. Roslik would end up being reprimanded and Polanski would be taken off stage. Adrian Polanski would win the fight against Roslik via decision.

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