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Who’s Next Episode 6 Recap

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In the previous episode of Who’s Next presented by FloGrappling, the contestants were brought to a lake and competed in paddleboard challenges to win a steakhouse meal paid for by Hollywood Mike. Team Jones ultimately won the challenge. Afterwards, Rene Sousa and Jansen Gomes faced off in the final quarterfinals matchup where Gomes was able to secure the victory at 32:03 via kimura.

To start off episode 6, Sousa detailed himself waking up to loud noises in the house. The viewers then saw Mike Rakshan throwing flour, eggs, and all kinds of food at the sleeping contestants, jokingly stating that he was “baking a cake”. Kyle Chambers, who is usually a calm guy claimed that he would be getting Rakshan back at some point.

The contestants are then brought to a go kart track for the final series of challenges. Andrew Tackett stated that his dad is a mechanic and that he had been around cars throughout his life, there could be a chance for Tackett to shine in the challenges once again. Hollywood Mike then came out and explained that the winners of the day would be choosing the semifinals matchups.

At the start of the race, Craig Jones slammed right into Tim Spriggs hoping to derail his race. Izaak Michell, Kyle Chambers, and Tackett got off to a good start but the the viewers could not say the same for Gomes and Adam Bradley who both spun out within the first lap. Later on, Team Jones was looking good as Tackett was shown ramming into everyone in his way, while Michell began lapping some of the slower drivers. In the end, Michell won with Tackett and Jones finishing right behind him.

After Team Jones won the challenge they chose the two semifinal matchups to be Tackett vs. Chambers and Gomes vs. Michell. With the winners to be featured on a Who’s Number One (WNO) card for the chance to win the show.

The contestants on Team Spriggs were then shown back in training. Gomes talked about his methods of success most likely coming through an armbar or kimura. Chambers, then talked about how he would aim to play his game and control the pace in order to win. The show then cut to the Team Jones training session. Tackett expressed his respect for Chambers but then proceeded to establish that it was personal and that he was doing it for himself. Michell’s gameplan for his match against Gomes was to stay on top and to put Gomes under pressure to tire him out. Michell did also mention that he had picked up a rib injury during training that may lead to some changes in his original gameplan.

Team Jones was then shown being picked up by Hollywood Mike in a luxurious limousine, where they were treated to some Sewer Rat songs on the aux. While Team Jones was fine dining at the steakhouse, Rakshan was able to pick up a waitresses number (Go Mike!). Overall, Team Jones looked like they had a phenomenal time. Team Spriggs on the other hand, was shown getting some Panda Express takeout and enjoying some beers. Not a bad night either. The show then cut to competition day for the semifinals.

Andrew Tackett vs. Kyle Chambers Recap

The two competitors started off with some hand fighting before Chambers sat to a seated guard. Chambers was able to get a hold of Tackett’s legs and engaged in leg attacks before the competitors rolled out of bounds. Tackett shot for a double leg and transitioned it into a slick back take attempt but Chambers was able to escape and retain his guard. After 10 minutes, Tackett was able to take Chambers back with a body triangle locked in. Chambers was able to fend off Tackett’s rear naked choke attempts and was able to escape. After 40 minutes of the competitors going back and forth, Chambers attempted a seemingly tight guillotine, but Tackett was able to escape. The match then cuts forward to 1 hour and 32 minutes, Tackett shot and attempted to take the back once again, but Chambers cleverly fought it off and rolled to a kneebar for the tap at 1:32:15. This match was an absolute barn burner that lasted over 90 minutes. With Chambers winning, he booked his spot as the first in the finals of Who’s Next

Kyle Chambers defeated Andrew Tackett at 1:32:15 via Kneebar

Jansen Gomes vs. Izaak Michell

The number one picks of both teams squared off in the second semifinals matchup. They exchanged in some positional battles on the feet with Michell securing a body lock. Michell was then able to take Gomes down but the competitors then rolled out of bounds. Michell then attacked Gomes’s legs but Gomes was able to escape. Gomes took Michell down initially, but the latter was able to reverse the position and began attempting to pass Gomes’s guard. The competitors then ended up in a 50/50 position, Michell was able to get in on Gomes’s legs and secured the tap with a heel hook 10 minutes in. With the win, Michell booked his spot in the finals against Chambers in the Who’s Next competition.

Izaak Michell defeated Jansen Gomes at 10:04 via heel hook

Michell and Gomes will face off on the live finale on the July 14th Who’s Number One card. With one of them winning the 10,000 dollar grandprize, a Who’s Number One contract, and the title of the first ever Who’s Next champion. Overall the first season of Who’s Next has been an amazing journey that will most definitely leave viewers wanting another season in the future.

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