5 Most Iconic On-Camera Moments in UFC History

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If you’re a passionate UFC fan, this article was written for you. 

Throughout the history of UFC, there have been some truly iconic fights and moments. If you take a look inside the UFC hall of fame, these are the five most iconic on-camera moments you would be greeted with.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir 2 (2009)

To this day, UFC fans still talk about the incredible rematch between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir that took place in 2009. Prior to this fight, fans were split on who would be victorious. However, the majority decided to bet on Lesnar to win – despite the fact he had lost their initial fight in 2008. Since then, UFC betting has become even more popular. 

Now, this was a more experienced and agile Brock Lesnar who knew what he needed to do to win – and he did exactly that. Lesnar ended up winning by submission (using an arm triangle), which turned out to be one of Lesnar’s last ever wins in the UFC! 

McGregor vs. Khabib (2018)

McGregor and Khabib finally faced off in 2018 after months of trash talking and fighting. In terms of modern-era UFC, this fight is regarded as the best of the bunch; not only was it a fight – for many, it was also a cultural event. 

During the fight, Khabib has claimed that McGregor begged him not to hit beat up too badly, although this has yet to be confirmed. It appears likely to be true, though, as Khabib dominated the fight and went on to defeat McGregor with a submission. 

McGregor Attacks Khabib’s Tour Bus

Prior to their iconic fight in 2018, McGregor attacked Khabib’s tour bus in April. He smashed the windows with a chair and claimed he wanted to fight Khabib there and then. 

No actual fighting took place, and McGregor went on to be arrested by the police! McGregor pleaded guilty in court to the offense but managed to avoid jail time. 

CM Punk Loses His UFC Debut

At UFC 203, CM Punk (a former WWE wrestler) made his UFC debut against Mickey Gall. This fight is seen as the funniest and most outrageous in UFC history, as it was clear from the get-go that CM Punk was nowhere near the level he needed to be. 

Sadly, Punk was destroyed in front of a huge audience and was left in a bad state after the referee stopped the fight. 

Holly Holm Knocks Out Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is now retired from the UFC and occasionally wrestles for WWE. However, not too long ago, she was seen as a UFC icon. Unfortunately, though, her UFC career was effectively ended when Holly Holm knocked her out in 2015. 

The shock of this defeat was something that Rousey never really recovered from, as she only went on to have one more fight in the UFC before retiring forever. Now, in 2022, it seems highly unlikely that Rousey will ever return to the Octagon. 

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