Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway UFC 276 Recap

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In the co-main event of UFC 276, we have the trilogy between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway.

This fight is expected to be great, with both fighters showing improvements since their second meeting and Holloway displaying an uncharacteristic amount of energy during fight week.

Here’s to hoping the fight meets expectations.

Check out the full Volkanovski vs Holloway recap below.

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Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway UFC 276 Recap

Round 1

The round started out with Holloway moving forward and firing kicks. The next couple minutes were mostly a feeling-out process with both fighters trying to get a read on one another. The action would pick up significantly halfway through the round, with Volkanovski appearing to be the quicker fighter as he was getting the best of the exchanges. The round ended with Holloway getting in a good few shots

Round 2

Round 2 was much of the same with Holloway pushing forward and Volkanovski landing the better and more frequent shots. Both fighters landed some good elbows in the clinch

Holloway has a brutal cut above his right eye. Great work from the cutman to stop the bleeding. That is definitely something to keep an eye on for the rest of the fight.

Round 3

Volkanovski is on fire tonight. His jab has been on point so far and that has helped set up some big right-hands. Volkanovski is obviously the much quicker fighter and is showing no signs of slowing down. Amazing toughness on display from Holloway as well.

Round 4

The cut on Holloway is absolutely brutal. More dominance from the champ, but Holloway did land a handful of good kicks and combinations. Hard to believe he’s still moving forward. Nice to see Holloway’s corner being honest with him

Round 5

The round starts with Holloway going for a takedown, Volkanovski promptly reversed it and moved off the cage after a brief exchange in the clinch. Volkanovski continues to improve throughout the fight and is pouring it on Holloway. We’ve never seen Holloway cut up and dominated like this-an absolute masterclass in this fight from the champ.

Result: Alexander Volkanovski wins by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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