Best Quotes from UFC 278 Media Day

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The UFC and the fighters included on the UFC 278 card this weekend had a very interesting media day on Wednesday. We got to see some hard-fought talk mixed in with some talk about doing homework and everyone’s favorite topic, fighter pay. Regardless though, we left the media round-up feeling we are in for something special this coming Saturday.

The headline of the media event of course would end up being Luke Rockhold, who we will get to, but we also heard from Jose Aldo, Paulo Costa, Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards to name a few. The names are all here for a fun card this weekend, at least on the main card. They all seem primed to put on a show if what they said at media day was any indication.

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Leon Edwards Doesn’t See Kamaru Usman as the Pound-for-Pound King

“All this pound-for-pound, and all this, I don’t see it. I didn’t feel it in the first fight, I don’t see it in his techniques, I just don’t see it you know? He’s a very good fighter, I am not going into this fight blind this time thinking he is just a wrestler.”

Merab Dvalishvili Doesn’t Care about Petr Yan versus Sean O’Malley

“Sugar Sean O’Malley and Petr Yan, I don’t care, I don’t care, they both suck.”

Luke Rockhold Steals the Show Discussing Fighter Pay and the UFC’s Tactics

“I am here to fight, I am not saying anything that’s not real, everything is justified and truthful. Just because I should be in a position of power before I say this s***, f*** off, I have nothing to lose. I don’t need this business, I love fighting, I love fighting the best…this just happens to be the place that is done. The company is growing and implementing these little bonuses, five thousand dollars here, five thousand dollars there, fifty thousand dollars man.”

“Back when GSP fought Jake (Shields) what was it a hundred thousand? When Lorenzo and Frank were running the show there was real, grounding wire. These new guys they don’t know what they are doing…they are letting Dana (White) run the show and suppress the sport.”

“Our lives are on the f****** line, healthcare needs to be taken care of, our f******* health needs to be taken care of, mine has not been taken care of…there are a lot of things that need to be changed and I am just not gonna be cared to say it.”

Paulo Costa Confident in Weight Cut this Week

“I guarantee, you want to bet? I want to bet. I could make the weight tonight, somebody want to bet?”

Kamaru Usman Remains Humble Despite Leon Edwards’ Claims

“Guess what? When I was in college eating five dollar Little Caesar’s pizza and surviving off that for two days and eating ramen noodles for the whole week you know what I did? I dreamt of working to where I don’t have to do that anymore. I could walk into any steakhouse and order whatever I want.”

Jose Aldo Eyes Title Fight with Win this Weekend

“Yes, surely, I actually think I should be fighting for the title…if I win this fight I believe I am fighting for the title.”

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