Buakaw Banchamek on his BKFC debut

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It’s a rare occurrence when Buakaw Banchamek steps outside the Muay Thai circuit to compete under a different ruleset. Most recently the Thai legend decided to test himself inside the BKFC’s circular ring.

Banchamek sports an impressive record of 24 – 24 – 12 that features his fights both in Muay Thai and kickboxing/K-1. He also had a short stint in Shoot Boxing, where he became an S-Cup world champion. Now he will make his BKFC debut on September 3rd in his home country of Thailand.

In his interview with MMA Junkie the Muay Thai superstar said:

“This is the perfect timing for me to extend my boxing and fighting skills after being experienced for over 30 years in muay Thai. Also, BKFC is a global standard, which is good for fighters to take the opportunity. I think if you win in this platform, it will be a proof of your own world-class skill.”

Banchamek admitted that he made his choice to join the BKFC roster based on the similarities between Muay Thai and bare-knuckle boxing:

“When I achieved the world-class level of muay Thai, I started to think about other kinds of competition related to the sport. Bareknuckle fighting is quite similar to muay Thai, and it’s a new trend and a very fast-growing sport. When BKFC approached me for their competition, I thought this was my best opportunity to compete on an international platform.”

The aforementioned similarities are the fight in clinch and hand fighting. The Thai fighter pointed out that the biggest difference is the ring itself, as BKFC utilizes a circular one:

“However, the BKFC competition will be more challenging as it takes place in a unique circular roped stage. Fighters can’t get stuck in a corner, making fights dynamic and constantly revolving – a really dynamic and exciting treat for the audience to watch and for me as a fighter.”

According to Banchamek, who turned 40, the most important part of being a fighter is the right mindset, which allows for overcoming physician injuries. He also stated that his main goal is to become the BKFC champion.

BKFC Thailand 3 takes place Sept. 3 at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok and streams on Bare Knuckle TV.

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