Cody Linne Talks Ben Rothwell, UFC, Ahead of APFC 5

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On the cusp of an incredible night of fights at APFC 4, Anthony Pettis Fighting Championship has announced its next event with APFC 5-Milwaukee Fight Night 2. The event, which is to take place on June 11th, will see a collision of flyweight prospects Cody Linne and Dan Moriarty. The “Codebreaker” gave MMASucka an inside look into his training, his relationship with his head Coach Ben Rothwell, and potential UFC call up.

Cody Linne on APFC: “Its a yes either way”.

Cody Linne is a man of opportunity. Seizing a first round submission already this year,  the 22-year-old from Zion, Illinois, got the call from APFC and the contract was signed. Linne stated, “APFC actually messaged me before my last fight. Me and my coach Ben [Rothwell] talked it over and we told them that we’ll get back to you after this fight. We accepted and that’s what it was. I did not know Dan [Moriarty] at the time, but when APFC reaches out, or any organization like that, its yes either way.”

The fight was announced May 1st and preparations are well under way. Linne trains out of Rothwell MMA and Valle Flow Striking Academy.

“I train six days a week, off Sundays. Monday is strength and conditioning and grappling. Ben [Rothwell] is my coach for that on Mondays and Fridays. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I’m sparring, grappling, and wrestling at Valle Flow. I have my runs at Rothwell and Saturdays I have MMA training at Rothwell.”

The #3 ranked Wisconsin flyweight has utilized this high intensity training method to string together three straight victories with two of those victories coming by way of first round submission.

Sizing Up the Competition

Dan “Flex” Moriarty is 3-0 as a professional with an impressive six fight undefeated streak in the amateur circuit, earning an amateur title in 2020. Linne admitted that he, “respects his skillset”, but that is where the praise ceased.

“He has a very basic game plan. I feel like every person I work with is better in every specific area of his game. He wants to take me down? Not good for him. He wants to get on top? That’s a really bad idea. He wants to stand and trade? That’s not gonna work out for him. This fight is not going the distance. He’s tough, but whether its the second or third, its not gonna go the distance.”

The war of words has begun.

The Future Ahead

“I’ve talked a little bit about the UFC with my coaches. I’m really taking it a fight at a time. I’m taking it one fight at a time. I don’t want to look over Dan or any opponent—with my career, I don’t want to rush. I want to make sure I have to skills to compete in the UFC.”

With this in mind, Linne did note that he does have his eyes on the newly crowed APFC Flyweight Champion Badmatsyren “Immortal Lotus” Dorzhiev.

“I will take that fight [with Dorzhiev]. I am very interested in that fight. I win this fight, I fight for the title, but first thing I have to do is win this fight. I think the champ is really good. With this fight, I’m going to prove I’m serious. I’m skilled, that I am a problem. I am going to be in the UFC”.

Cody Linne will do battle with Dan Moriarty on June 11th at APFC 5. The event will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass.

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