McGregor Forever – A Review of Episode 3

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Conor McGregor‘s ‘McGregor Forever’ is the latest, behind-the-scenes docuseries focussing around the UFC’s biggest star. We’ve already given you a run-down of what happened in episode 1 and episode 2 and now we have your episode 3 review.

McGregor Forever – Episode 3 ‘Insane to this Game’

Episode 3 begins with McGregor’s so-called ‘retirement’ due to his frustration in not being booked in a fight. He was fit and the theme of his desired ‘fight season’ was clearly on show as was his intention to stay active but wasn’t given the opportunity to.

We then move towards the Dustin Poirier rematch at UFC 257. We get to see an insight as to how hard McGregor trained for the fight but with a clear focus on family time throughout. We are also reminded of how the main man himself and Poirier proposed a charity boxing match to get the fight through.

Of course, as we know the fight itself took place on Fight Island so we got a real insight into how The Notorious trained for the bout throughout the pandemic, the measures that were put in place to keep the fighters safe and how McGregor chose to somewhat isolate himself from the rest of the fighters on his infamous yacht.

Highlights of the press conference showed a different man from the one we saw during episode one. We saw him jovial, happy to be there and giving huge respect to The Diamond and his body of work.

Footage of McGregor’s first cut down to 155lbs in over two years was shown and it appeared that he struggled to make the weight, however, made championship weight despite being allowed the extra pound. Again, after weigh-ins, we saw him congratulate Poirier on making the weight, a clear drift away from ‘episode 1’ McGregor.

The fight footage is shown in a very cinematic way, with highlights of the fight itself mixed in with dressing room footage from after the fight. It shows Porier attacking the leg of McGregor in the fight and then cuts to the Irishman post-fight in visible agony with the leg beaten up after the fight.

Similarly, it shows the knockout blow and cuts back to the devastation that McGregor and especially his wife felt post-fight. He even mutters the words “That’s that, that’s it”, however, also claims that he wasn’t rattled at all but it was just the leg that was compromised.

Similarly to episode 1, there was a clear focus on the injury that McGregor suffered during the fight as the reason why he lost it, however, he made no excuses himself.

Rounding out the episode, we saw the UFC’s biggest star instantly look to get the trilogy fight with Porier to try and get the loss back. It sets up the final episode of the mini-series, which we know will focus on the infamous leg break and UFC 264 main event.

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