PFL HW & WFW Semifinalists Speak Ahead of Playoffs

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2022 PFL winner Larissa Pacheco will look to win again this year with a win on Friday.

The PFL heavyweight and women’s featherweight semifinalists made their final prefight statements to the media today. Competitors Maurice Greene, Renan Ferreira, Larissa Pacheco, Olena Kolesnyk, Denis Goltsov, Jordan Heiderman, Marina Mokhnatkina, and Amber Leibrock will all look to get a big win this Friday and move on to the finals. The finals later this year will crown a champion and they will net $1 million.

The 2023 PFL Semifinals will air live on Friday, August 18 at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST on ESPN+ then at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST on ESPN.

Amber Leibrock

“I don’t think there’s bad pressure… I’m just so grateful and blessed to be here even after a loss… She’s going to try to do everything to get me down on the floor. People don’t think I can grapple… I think it’s going to surprise her for real. I think I have a lot of elements of surprise.”

Marina Mokhnatkina

“A lot of work had been done overall… I have a really good ground and wrestling and it will give me an advantage against all the ladies in this competition.”

Olena Kolesnyk

“I see Larissa Pachecho more than some of my relatives… Larissa is a tough fighter… I try to stay positive… One more night and the hard work will be done.”

Jordan Heiderman

“I’m excited about being the new guy in the PFL. Denis is definitely a worthy opponent. he’s going to be tough… that excites me. We’re two bulls… I believe it’s going to be hard three rounds… he’s definitely the toughest opponent I’ve faced thus far.”

Maurice Greene

“I trained my f*cking ass off and I got a second chance to be back in it… He’s gonna punch me in the face a little bit and I’m gonna punch him in the face a little bit and I’m going to get my hand raised… Am I scared? No. Am I nervous? Absolutely… You’ve got to embrace those nerves.”

Renan Ferreira

“I love that he’s talking… keep that mouth running. We’ll see what happens on Friday night… I’m ready for either [Golstov or Heiderman]. May the best man win.”

Denis Goltsov

“I have to be in finals this time… It’s hard to predict and say who is going to be in it… I think [Ferreira] will be in finals.

Larissa Pachecho

“From 2019 to now, 8-fight win streak, 1st round stoppages, submissions… I’ve been on an ascending performance… Olena doesn’t have that. I’ve been showcasing the work. She hasn’t.”

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