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Chatri Sityodtong Condems ‘Bullying’ Tactics Of Elon Musk

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Following the recent developments of the proposed Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk bout, ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong chimed in with criticism of Musk. The X owner stated he would go to Zuckerberg’s house and pick a fight. Sityodtong stated plainly he was not a fan of the bullying tactics.

ONE Championship CEO Criticizes Elon Musk

Sityodtong expressed his disappointment in Musk’s most recent claims in a Facebook post. He would continue to express how the comments made by the billionaire showed his lack of understanding of martial arts culture. ONE’s chief executive was stern in his condemnation.

“First, Elon genuinely knows nothing about fighting or martial arts despite his claims to the contrary. As a lifelong expert martial artist who has been in my fair share of scraps, I can tell simply by the way he is acting. The problem with most men who have never fought and/or trained seriously in martial arts is exactly what Elon is doing. They have a false sense of bravado and no understanding or appreciation for what technical skills and knowledge can do in a fight. A legit blue belt in jiu-jitsu is very dangerous to someone who knows nothing,” Sityodtong wrote.

Sityodtong has been vocal about wanting to help bring the proposed bout to life if asked by both parties. He has even proposed a massive ONE vs. UFC card to help make it the biggest event after Zuckerberg posted a thread citing working with the global duopoly to help stage the bout. But Sityodtong is sure that Musk is just putting up a front with his list of excuses.

If the battle should ever come to life, ONE’s leader quickly gave his thoughts on how it would play out. Given his personal relationship with Zuckerberg and seeing his training first-hand, Sityodtong has little doubt it would be a decisive victory for the Northern California resident. While not completely writing off Musk, Sityodtong predicted a submission win for Zuckerberg.

“I trained with Mark at his house a few months ago together with his teammates under Professor Dave [Camarillo]. As a brown belt under Renzo Gracie, I can tell you that the training environment was truly world-class with utmost seriousness and intensity. Mark might be only 2 years into his journey as a martial artist, but he has fully adopted the warrior way of life. In my expert opinion, Mark will likely choke Elon unconscious in a fight. Elon could win by a lucky punch due to his size and weight. He’s 186cm and weighs 100kg. Mark is 171cm and weighs 70kg. However, Mark is in fighting shape and Elon is not. Mark has the gas tank for 3 rounds and Elon has the gas tank for 3 minutes,” Sityodtong said.

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