Dillon Danis Continues Attack on Logan Paul’s Fiance

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Ahead of his boxing match scheduled for October 14th on the undercard of KSI vs. Tommy Fury, well-known internet foe, Dillon Danis is goading his opponent, Logan Paul in a constant attack on social media.

Danis, a teammate of Conor McGregor’s and grappling phenom has decided to launch a constant, unrelenting attack on Paul’s wife-to-be, Nina Agdal. Agdal, a Danish-born model has plenty of pictures online of her with other men and Danis is using this to bolster his barrage towards Paul, posting multiple pictures daily of Paul’s fiance in an attempt to get under his skin.

We told you last week that Danis could be facing legal action for his social media antics, however, that doesn’t seem to have deterred him one bit.

Involvements of Social Media Celebrities

The attack on Adgal hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who operate in the social media sphere. Well-known Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model, Corrina Kopf took a swipe at Danis on Twitter stating:

Earlier this week, Danis claimed to have a photo that would not only ‘end the fight‘ but also ‘end his engagement, and I might even find myself in jail’. Many didn’t believe Danis, arguably due to his history of elaborating the truth, however, none other than Andrew Tate piped up and got involved in the matter.

The press conference for the event is scheduled for later today, 4PM local time in London, England. What we can expect is pure chaos. KSI, Tommy Fury, Logan Paul and of course, Dillon Danis will all be in attendance, all taking shots at each other and looking to hype up an already highly anticipated card.

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