Canelo Alvarez dominates Charlo in Lopsided Decision

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With celebrities and fellow champions looking on, Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo were prepared to go to war. When the war started, however, only one man showed up to fight and the other looked lost once he felt the power of his opponent.

Canelo Alvarez started the fight by seemingly trying to prove a point and quiet the doubters. After back-to-back decisions, Alvarez had something to prove heading into his bout with Jermell Charlo. He came out early firing hard punches to the body of Charlo and doing his best to cut him off and keep him against the ropes.

Canelo Alvarez seemed to be gliding while Charlo was walking around the ring. He never had a chance to get ahead of the Mexican champion. The power to which Alvarez was delivering the body punching early indicated he had a game plan for down the road. He wasn’t head-hunting, Alvarez was just taking what he could from the timid Houstonian as things progressed through the first six rounds.

In round seven, the bodywork of Canelo Alvarez was finally cashed in. The body hooks of Alvarez were landing but he worked his way up top and landed a strong right hook and straight right to Charlo. He ended up taking what could be described as a tactical knee resulting in a knockdown but afterward, he came alive a little bit. Alvarez was unfazed and went back to controlling Jermell Charlo as he continued to be forced to move around outside of the work of the matador named Canelo.

Canelo Alvarez looked strong out the gate, he was quicker, and he just never got ahead of himself the entire fight. Jermell Charlo proved his toughness in the fight but that toughness had no action or momentum behind it.

Anytime Charlo would land a counter left or take a step forward he was met by a jab and hook combination that would seemingly discombobulate him. Canelo Alvarez never lost control of this fight, he never lost center of the right, and he looked to be in the best physical shape of his career. All of that would lead to the Mexican champion remaining the undisputed champion and leaving folks wondering what is next for him.

Judges scored it 199-108, 118-109. and 118-109 with all cards reading for Canelo Alvarez and becomes the first man to defend all four belts of a division four times.

In his post-fight speech, Canelo Alvarez said “This version of Canelo, no one can beat.” He went on to say his love for boxing is stronger than ever, it remains his life, and it fuels him to keep going. He confirmed the game plan was to attack the body all fight but said in round seven he diverted and went for the head and that is why the knockdown occurred.

“This version of Canelo no one can beat, I will be back soon, maybe Cinco De Mayo” Alvarez spoke but was asked about a bout with David Benavidez and he responded, “maybe, it can be anyone I don’t f****** care.”

Meanwhile, Jermell Charlo said he would be going back down to 154 pounds and ended his conversation with Jim Gray that he wants Terence Crawford next. If both bouts of Canelo Alvarez versus David Benavidez and Charlo versus Crawford, boxing will be on fire to start 2024.

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