From Niche Sport to Global Powerhouse: How Sponsorships Transformed the UFC

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become a juggernaut in the world of sports, not just in terms of its expanding global fanbase but also in its remarkable financial performance. The organization has seen its revenue growth set new records, with the first three quarters of 2023 alone generating over $1 billion​​.

The UFC’s financial triumph is not just a testament to the sport’s growing popularity but also highlights the impact of effective business strategies.

A great part of this success is due to strategic partnerships and sponsorships, which have played a pivotal role in transforming the organization from a niche combat sport into a global entertainment powerhouse.

In 2022, UFC reported a revenue of $1.14 billion, up from $1.03 billion in 2021, with a significant portion of this increase attributed to its sponsorship deals. These sponsorships not only bolstered the UFC’s financial standing but also enhanced its global brand presence​​.

From apparel deals that redefine fighter kits to global partnerships extending the reach of the UFC brand, each sponsorship has been a step towards financial robustness and global dominance.

The Evolution of Sponsorships in UFC

From its early days, the UFC’s partnerships reflected its status as a burgeoning combat sport, initially attracting brands that resonated with its raw and edgy image. These early sponsorships were predominantly with companies directly linked to combat sports, such as nutrition, fitness, and apparel brands, mirroring the UFC’s then niche appeal and outsider status.

However, as the UFC began to captivate a larger audience, transcending its initial boundaries, the nature of its sponsorships underwent a significant transformation. The sport started drawing attention from non-endemic sponsors – those outside the direct realm of mixed martial arts but keen on tapping into the diverse and growing fan base of the UFC. 

This shift was not just a financial leap but also an important indicator of the mainstream acceptance UFC was beginning to enjoy. Sponsorships expanded beyond the expected sectors, incorporating a range of industries from automotive to technology, reflecting the broadening appeal of UFC.

However, the pivotal moment in the UFC’s sponsorship journey was its landmark deal with Reebok. This partnership redefined the fighter kits, introducing a level of uniformity and professionalism previously unseen in the UFC’s attire. The Reebok deal was more than a financial boost; it was a significant step towards altering the perception of UFC as a structured and legitimate sports organization. This deal set the stage for a new era of sponsorships, where the UFC aligned itself with globally recognized brands, further cementing its status in the sports world.

Ever since the Reebok deal, the UFC has strategically expanded its sponsorship portfolio, focusing on partnerships that extend its global reach. These include not just apparel and nutrition deals but also broadcasting and digital partnerships that penetrate new geographical markets. 

UFC’s Most Valuable Sponsorships

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has cultivated a diverse array of sponsorships, each contributing significantly to its financial success and global influence. Among these, several key partnerships stand out for their value and strategic importance.


The partnership with ESPN, worth $1.5 billion over five years, is one of the largest and most impactful in UFC history. This deal includes streaming services on ESPN national channels and the ESPN+ platform, encompassing events, shows, documentaries, and exclusive UFC content. 

It has already been extended through 2025, exemplifying a win-win situation for both entities, with ESPN gaining valuable content and the UFC benefiting from extensive financial and promotional support​​​​.

DraftKings Sportsbook

A groundbreaking deal worth around $350 million, DraftKings Sportsbook inked a five-year deal that would let them become the UFC’s first official sports betting partner. 

The partnership with UFC allows DraftKings Sportsbook to integrate weekly free-to-play UFC pools, enhanced prop bets and live betting odds into UFC events, leading betting site authority MyBettingSites to rank DraftKings Sportsbook as their top reviewed betting site for UFC.

DraftKings’ presence is particularly iconic due to the official clock in UFC broadcasts, a feature that has garnered positive response from fans.

Bud Light and Monster Energy

Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch, long-time partners of the UFC, returned as major sponsors in a substantial nine-figure deal.

5 years after letting their partnership expire back in 2017, Bud Light has re-entered UFC’s sponsorship list, marking a return to more traditional sports sponsorships.

Similarly, the partnership with Monster Energy, one of UFC’s most lucrative deals, has positioned Monster as the official energy drink and water partner.


After the expiry of the Reebok deal, Venum stepped in as the official outfitting partner of the UFC. This partnership underscores the importance of apparel branding in the sport, where Venum’s presence is visibly prominent in every match, from fighter kits to training gear.


The world of cryptocurrencies has found a significant place in sports sponsorships, with Crypto.com signing a $175 million deal to become UFC’s ‘Cryptocurrency Platform Partner.’ This partnership reflects UFC’s willingness to innovate and align with emerging financial trends, appealing to a younger, tech-savvy demographic

Additional Notable Partnerships

Beyond these key partnerships, the UFC’s sponsorship portfolio includes a diverse range of companies such as Timex, the official timekeeper, and Trojan, the official sexual health partner

Other notable partnerships include Harley-Davidson, Love Hemp, the official global CBD partner, and Migu, as the exclusive Chinese broadcaster for UFC events. 

These deals not only provide financial benefits but also facilitate the UFC’s expansion into new markets and product categories. The UFC’s deal with Love Hemp, for instance, taps into the growing interest in CBD products among athletes and fans, while the partnership with Migu significantly expands the UFC’s reach in the lucrative Chinese market​​.

The strategic diversity and financial heft of these sponsorships underscore their importance in the UFC’s growth trajectory. They not only bring direct financial benefits but also enhance the UFC’s global brand, contributing to its status as a premier entity in the world of sports entertainment. As the UFC continues to evolve, these partnerships will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping its future direction and success.

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