Sumo Showdown: International Sumo League Makes Waves in the US

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In an ambitious endeavour to popularize the age-old sport of Sumo in the United States, the International Sumo League recently embarked on a groundbreaking series of events in New Jersey. The objective? To capture the attention of a wider audience, fostering a devoted fanbase and propelling Sumo into the limelight in the U.S. 

The sold-out inaugural event, dubbed “Club Sumo,” unfolded on January 25, 2024, at the esteemed White Eagle Hall. Following this successful debut, anticipation is building for the upcoming event scheduled for February 8, 2024, at the same venue, leading up to the grand finale – the World Championship Sumo at the Prudential Center on February 18, 2024.

The resounding success of the first Club Sumo event was palpable. White Eagle Hall was bursting at the seams with enthusiastic fans, many of whom were witnessing the spectacle of Sumo wrestling for the first time. What started as a source of amusement for some evolved into genuine cheers as the audience gained a deeper understanding of this captivating sport. By the end of the night, conversations buzzed about returning for future events and following Sumo more closely.

Structured in a tournament format, the opening round featured six bouts and 12 rikishi (Sumo wrestlers) with varying levels of experience. Notable competitors included the likes of Abdelrahman “Sandstorm” Shalan AKA Oosuna-Arashi, Soslan Gagloev, and Rui Aparedico De Sa Jr, each boasting impressive accolades from their respective corners of the globe.

As the winners of the opening round advanced to the quarterfinals, the competition intensified. Oosuna-Arashi, Soslan Gagloev, Rui Jr, Kamal Basira, Brennan Moorfield, and Artur Bagaev secured their quarterfinals spots, joined by Joshua Rosado and Ivan Sergeivech, who received byes in the opening round. Of these, one of the most exciting was the underdog Brennan Moorfield’s 2-0 performance, where he defeated Eslam Ibrahim who was 4 inches taller and weighed 150 pounds more than him, allowing himself to continue on in the tournament. 

The quarterfinals showcased thrilling performances, with Oosuna-Arashi and Kamal Basira securing 2-0 victories, joined by Soslan Gagloev and Rui Jr, who dominated their respective opponents as well. As the tournament progressed, the experienced rikishi battled fiercely, transforming the atmosphere from occasional laughter to explosive cheers. 

The semi-finals saw Oosuna-Arashi and Kamal Basira engage in a hard-fought battle, while Soslan Gagloev and Rui Jr faced off in an equally intense back-and-forth matchup. Oosuna-Arashi’s resilience prevailed, securing his spot in the final alongside Gagloev, who emerged victorious with two push-outs.

The final showdown between Oosuna-Arashi and Soslan Gagloev, the top seeds and Japan circuit veterans, unfolded with gripping intensity. Oosuna-Arashi claimed the first round with a dominant throw, but Gagloev countered in the second, capitalizing on a charged approach. The final round, a back-and-forth spectacle, concluded with Gagloev triumphantly throwing his opponent out of the ring, clinching the tournament and igniting the crowd into a frenzy.

As spectators entered the event with little knowledge of Sumo, the Club Sumo experience left them satisfied, excited, and eagerly anticipating the next instalment. If the International Sumo League can harness the momentum generated by this successful inaugural night, they stand a real chance of thrusting Sumo into the mainstream spotlight.

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