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Rizin announces international streaming service

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Rizin has announced a new international streaming service for viewers outside Japan. Rizin.tv looks to be the permanent home for the Japanese promotion for watching shows for those in North America. Rizin previously used Fite (now TrillerTV) and the defunct LiveNow to make shows available internationally.

According to a press release, starting in March, it will become a subscription-based service. In addition, the subscription will have “all past events and shoulder programming.” That would include Rizin Confessions, Preparation, and other media. An app will be available on Google and Apple stores.

The service will show its first show of 2024, Rizin Landmark 8 in Saga as a standalone show for $19.99 this Friday night/Saturday morning. That airs at midnight ET/9 p.m. PT. Viewers can watch it live and it will be archived for 14 days. As of now, it looks like only English commentary will be available. In March, when the subscription service starts, they will show Rizin Landmark 9 and then followed by Rizin 46.

Currently, no price, tiers, or other information has been announced for the subscription service.

Rizin Landmark 8 in Saga

Rizin’s first show on Rizin.tv will be Rizin Landmark 8 in Saga this Friday night. The show will feature a main event between two of their top lightweights. Brazil’s Luiz Gustavo (13-2) will take on former UFC fighter Yoshinori Horie (13-4) in the main event. Both are strikers with Gustavo known for power and Horie for his volume. The winner of this match could likely face lightweight champion Roberto “Satoshi” de Souza sometime down the line.

The co-main event had a recent change. Initially, it was supposed to feature former featherweight champion Vugar Karamov, but he was arrested in Baku for hooliganism. Replacing him will be the leg lock legend Masakazu Imanari (39-22-2) who will face Kazumasa Majima (16-4). Both fighters are accomplished MMA grapplers and will hunt for the submission to secure a win.

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