Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Official: Live On Netflix

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The last couple of years made it normal for YouTubers, streamers and social media influencers to fight. Not only normal but rather hugely popular. The leader of that train is ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul.

After starting his career in 2018 in the Manchester Arena, where he fought fellow YouTuber Deji Olatunji on the undercard of their brothers’ main event fight, Jake had almost a year and a half break until his next boxing bout. Looking like he wasn’t ready for the sport and hardships of the cruel sport that is boxing in that first fight – Jake would return in January 2020, by defeating yet another YouTuber – AnEsonGib, via 1st round KO.

This is when the younger of the Paul brothers probably felt he could do this boxing thing for real and full-time. Right now, it seems totally ridiculous that he’s fighting against the former ‘Baddest man on the Planet’ and one of the most legendary fighters of all time and yet that’s just another day in the wicked world of combat that we are getting used to. Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul is official for July 20th, 2024.

Paul vs Tyson – anything is possible today

After that first amateur bout that was mentioned above – nobody could really predict what was about to become of Jake Paul’s fighting career. After finishing Gib in the 1st round, he started talking trash with the former NBA All Star – Nate Robinson. This was the start of everyone wanting to box.

After adding another knockout to his record – it was time for Jake to step up the competition truly and fight a real fighter. In came Ben Askren, a just-retired mixed martial arts fighter, who had just finished his stint in the UFC. Askren had a hip replacement surgery which officially put an end to his MMA career, although he presented himself as a guy who’s going to put an end to Jake’s ‘shenanigans’.

‘Funky’ was known to have one of the more rudimentary stand up skill sets on the roster, when he was with the UFC. Regardless many people bet on his huge fighting experience, which stretched all the way back to his successful days in wrestling. To the surprise of many – Jake Paul ended him quickly, in the 1st round.

After that, two bouts with Tyron Woodley – one was won via split decision, while in the rematch Paul scored a 6th round KO. After defeating yet another MMA legend in Anderson Silva, Jake was slated to face a real boxer, at last. February 26th 2023 Paul fought against Tommy Fury and lost the fight via split decision. That was Jake’s first and only loss in his current pro boxing career.

Jake remained very active after this loss – first bouncing back with a victory over yet another former UFC fighter, Nate Diaz and then in the last two bouts scoring knockout victories against professional boxers – Andre August and Ryan Bourland.

Mike Tyson will be 58 at the time of this bout happening

One of the most fearsome boxers in history is now a totally different person. Last appearing in the squared circle in November of 2020 – Iron Mike has shown that he still has the skills (which never left him) and decent speed to go with it. That was when he fought another legend in Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout.

Tyson famously said that he needed a significant amount of rest after a ferocious pad hitting session but he now finds himself in the ring again. Many fans are already disappointed and it is very confusing to see that one man who was a child actor on the Disney channel just 10 or so years ago will square off against quite possibly the most ferocious fighter ever.

What is way more ironic in that, are the chances of Jake Paul defeating Mike Tyson, and it’s a very solid possibility one might think.

The boxing match is set to happen on July 20th, 2024 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 80,000 tickets will be up for sale and this will be a non-PPV event with all the rights of streaming going to Netflix, which will stream the match worldwide. It is not yet clear if the fight will be sanctioned as an exhibition or a professional boxing bout.

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