Mayhem Miller Weighs In On ‘American McGregor’ Sean Strickland

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Sean Strickland’s never been afraid to speak what’s on his mind and neither has Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller.

There has never been quite a title reign like Strickland’s after the outspoken contender dethroned Israel Adesanya to become the UFC Middleweight Champion of the world. Strickland wouldn’t hold the belt for long, but when he did, the American used his platform to push his political views, hot takes and of course, derogatory comments to some of your favourite fighters.

Strickland’s still doing all of those things, just not a champion, having the title taken away from Dricus Du Plessis in a controversial split decision at UFC 297. Strickland has been pushing for an immediate rematch ever since.

However, two-time champ Israel Adesanya comes to mind for Du Plessis’ next title defence with the potential fight looming over the middleweight division.

Miller, a former UFC middleweight with a ton of headlines to his name, has commented on what should await the #1-ranked Strickland.

“As I understand it, it was a very close fight and a lot of people had a lot of things to say about that fight where, you know, there was some unsettled business, maybe the judges were on the take. I don’t know. I think that that would be great. That would be fine, in my opinion, for him to fight again for the title,” Miller told ‘The Schmo‘.

While Du Plessis vs. Strickland 2 is definitely up there as an option for the next title fight at 185lbs, ‘Mayhem’ thinks the UFC may end up throwing a wrench at ‘Tarzan’s’ plans, leaving him to chase the bag instead of the belt— something ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor knows all too well nowadays.

“But, the UFC’s gonna UFC,” Miller added. “I think there’s big money fights for Sean Strickland in other directions there. There’s some hot on up-and comers-in there, and some tough guys in that division. It’s one of the best divisions. UFC got a lot of good divisions, especially the lighter weights. But, 85′ is one of those beastly divisions where you see a lot of knockouts, a lot of like submissions, like high percentage finish rate.

“Sean Strickland is really a money fighter. He is kind of our American McGregor over here with all his chatter. So put him up there with some money fights, the title is one thing, but I think the money is where it’s at. These guys wanna get paid, they wanna have a good career. So, give us some fun fights.”

Looking at Sean Strickland the person instead of the fighter, ‘Mayhem’ Miller says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“I see that, I see the comparison,” Miller said, when asked if he sees similarities between him and Strickland. “Me and him are definitely cousins somewhere down the line. Sean is a very opinionated guy and he’s at, it seems like the height of his popularity. So, he uses this as a soapbox to stand on to chatter about whatever the hell is on his mind. I don’t know if he’s running for governor of Nevada or something, but he’s doing something that’s for sure. He’s got some right wing pundit in his blood.”

Jason Miller is currently working on himself after a history of arrests and controversies over the years. The 43 year-old retired from MMA in 2016, but stays in the sport as a coach, helping others get to where they want to be.

“Legend!” Strickland responded to Miller on Instagram. “Grew up watching you… My man you had a different level of insanity.. All the respect.”

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