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Road To The Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #7


Sorry it’s late… again! I went from having absolutely nothing to write about, to having no time to write.  I am now headlining the September 17th Battlefield show against Adam Santos for the heavyweight title….I weigh 195 pounds. Adam is a big guy at 6’6″ 240lbs and a black belt in Morganti jiu jitsu. Apparently that makes him a fairly tough guy to find a fight for. I was at the Battlefield studio doing a photo shoot when Mr. Jay Golshani happened to mention that Adam’s opponent had backed out and that no one wanted to fight him. Me, being a smart ass chirped in that i would fight him. Jay and I bantered back and fourth about it for a bit.  We went back to our photo shoot and it was forgotten about. I went home that night and started thinking about it as a serious opportunity. The next morning I called Jay and said i was serious about it. He told me to clear it with my coaches. Mr. Don Whitefield took some convincing but after a half an hour conversation I had convinced him it was “good for marketing man”. So that’s where I am at, taking a heavyweight title fight on 16 days notice, much to the dismay of my loving parents.

I am oddly confident for a person out weighed and experienced by so much. It’s not that I don’t take Adam seriously, in fact it is because of the challenges he possesses that I am taking the fight. I know if things go my way I will win the fight, and the same is true for him. Testing myself is something that I have always enjoyed. The worst thing that can happen in this fight is I lose. There are only two people in the cage at a time so no matter how hard you train there is always a chance your going to lose, thats what it’s about. That’s why sports are exciting and that’s why I love MMA. I really enjoy watching two people with different skill sets work against each other to see who can win.  Being a part of it just makes it that much cooler to me.

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My fight with Jer (Kornelsen) in November is still on. I always said that I would win the middleweight belt and defend it before I go pro. I am not looking past Santos, but I know that taking this fight is going to jump start my camp for Jer. Jer has cardio for days and thats definitely been one of my weaker points going into a fight. Cardio is something that you can control so it seems silly to not be in the best shape you can be in. The fact of the matter is, I love McDonalds and all sorts of greasy foods that definitely hinder my performance. I am going to try my best to sort out my diet and i think that putting it out there with this blog will make me feel more accountable for my choices.
I hope you can make it out to the Fights September 17th at the Vogue theater, it should be a good night of fights.

I would like to thank: Tapout Canada, Dominant Ground, Reflex on Kingsway, Klench Kustom Guards, Fine Arts Bartending in Victoria. And  Passion Sports. I would also like to thank MMASucka.com and also www.kombatnation.com

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