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Doctors have heads firmly up backsides…now cough!


The UFC has been to some of the most beautiful and exotic places around the world such as Brazil, Australia, Japan and … perhaps soon Calgary?

Yup, it seems the city of cowboys, pick up trucks and oil could be getting a UFC event this summer. There is a lot of talk that Cowtown could be getting its first UFC experience July 21 for UFC 149. The show will possibly be held at the Saddledome, home of the NHL non-playoff powerhouse Calgary Flames.

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Alberta has always been a hot bed for mixed martial arts. Calgary and Edmonton have been running amateur and professional events since the ’90s. One of the largest Canadian MMA promotions, Maximum Fighting Championships, has been doing business in Alberta for years. There are no city managers or officials getting in the way in Calgary. No, they understand the popularity and the money it brings to their city. What a concept.

However, nothing has been made official yet. One of the biggest reasons for the hold-up is our great and mighty Canadian Medical Association. All hail doctors who don’t have better things to do. Forget about proposing ideas to government about health care reform, as baby boomers become senior boomers.

Last year the CMA was asking the feds to ban professional MMA throughout the country. Now they are using the possible UFC 149 event in Calgary as a way to stand on their soapbox once again — heads firmly up their backsides.

“The objective is to render your opponent insensible,” said association president Dr. John Haggie. “It’s the commercialization of violence; it sets a very bad example for children. It’s not a sport in my book. It’s two guys out to pummel each other.”

Never mind the facts, Mr. Haggie. Why let those get in the way when you have such an obviously uneducated personal bias against a sport. Forget about the chronic head injuries in hockey and football. Never mind the scientific facts over the years that show MMA as a lot safer than boxing and cheerleading. Let’s ban it all!

The Canadian Medical Association really holds no power to institute law, but they swing enough weight as lobbyists and that is what concerns me. I’m sure doctors mean well, but to start a fight based only on personal opinion instead of hard facts seems rather un-doctor like.

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