The Real Jon Jones (Full Series)


UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans air this Saturday (04/21) and HeavyMMA has created an exclusive documentary on Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones titled “The Real Jon Jones”. In an interview with Fight Day host, Dave Farra, Jones recounts his incredible rise from college drop-out to national UFC champion, and answers very personal questions about his family, his relationship with God and the passing of his younger sister.

“The Real Jon Jones” is a fresh and revealing look at a great UFC fighter behind the scenes, away from the lights of the Octagon.

Jon Jones discusses his road to success and his journey as a son, brother, and fighter.

Part I

An introduction to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the world Jon “Bones” Jones. We take a journey to Jon’s hometown of Binghamton, New York where we learn about his upbringing, early life and family values.

Part II

Jon talks about a family tragedy and how the event has shaped him as a person and as a fighter. Jon openly discusses religion and how it affects his outlook on life. We take a peek into his early career and the events that led up to his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Part III

A look into the career of Jon “Bones” Jones and the criticism that follows him…”Is Jon Jones cocky”? Jon answers with confidence about himself as a person and as an athlete. Is Jon the greatest fighter of all time and what would it take for that to become a reality?

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