Diary of a Fighter

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #5: Man i hate fighting!


After watching Nathan Swayze compete at AFC 8 this past weekend, the only thought going through my mind was why do I do this? It’s really scary. We put ourselves in a position where we have no physical advantage (especially in my case), have nowhere to run as it’s in a cage, which puts the icing on the cake for a barbaric time. As scary as it sounds having an opponent bigger, heavier, and more experienced., I think it’s a good idea. On paper it’s pretty much a certainty to getting fucked, but I guess I’m just that arrogant.

Anyways, training had a slow start this week due to Bill Fraser’s S&C workout I did Sunday. I was sore up until Tuesday and Wednesday and still felt fatigued after a sparring session at Knockout Martial Arts. After a full day and a half of rest I went to train at Impact MMA again and felt great. I felt light, relaxed and quick. Pretty much how I want to feel when it comes to fight time. Saturday I got a good lift in then headed down to Victoria, BC for the AFC show. Following the fights I had a pajama party with Derek Medler, Jeff Van Dam, Karel Bergen, and some other friends from down the island. My PJ’s have blue dinosaurs on them in case you were wondering (See pic below).

For some reason I don’t like fighting, but I love it. I’ve had this conversation with many other fighters and they fall in the same boat. I dunno man, its messed up and I’m excited for my May 18th fight.


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