Forrest Griffin ruins Tito Ortiz’s final moment in the UFC octagon

On Saturday night, the co-main event of UFC 148 was an all out war between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin. Following the fight Forrest pulled a standard Griffin like move and stormed out of the cage, until UFC President Dana White forced him to get back in there.

Following the Bruce Buffer’s reading of the judges scorecards, Griffin grabbed the microphone and decided to interview Tito Ortiz himself.

Ortiz did not like Griffin’s idea, nor did Dana White and both spoke on the subject.

Tito Ortiz

“I was pissed. I’ve been in this sport a lot longer. You have to understand, 15 years ago, May 3, 1997, Joe Rogan was the first person to interview me, and I told him, I’m going to make a mark in this sport. It was my first fight. I said, just you wait. I’m going to make my mark in this sport. I helped build this sport to be what it is to this day. For Forrest to step in and do what he did, after running? I can’t complain about anything, as I said, I wish Joe Rogan got to interview me.”

Dana White

“He drives me crazy, this guy. It’s professional suicide, the things that he does. People love Forrest Griffin, okay? So I ran after him. I don’t have to tell you guys, everyone in this room knows exactly what I said. So he turned around, and he ran back into the ring. … “It’s Tito’s last fight. If Tito won his fight, stand there, get your hand raised or Tito’s hand raised. If your plugging for Joe Rogan’s fucking job, it isn’t going to happen. Leave the microphone alone until Joe comes over and talks to you. I love Forrest Griffin, always have. He’s a great guy but he gets a little kooky sometimes.”

It seemed like emotions got the best of Griffin and in his defence, he apologized and explained himself.
Forrest Griffin

“I sincerely apologize. I don’t know what I was thinking. I sincerely apologize, I’m sorry. … I wasn’t too pleased with my performance. I put big emphasis on finishing, felt like I had an opportunity to finish it in a very close fight. I left it in judges’ hands. When I got up from that takedown in the third, I thought I had opportunity to make it at least a more lopsided fight and I couldn’t capitalize on that and I was frustrated.”


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