MMASucka Product Review – HeadCase iPhone case

It’s only fitting that I do an iPhone case review for  Out of the Sucka writers, I am probably the most avid iPhone user especially when it comes to social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and my current mega vice, Instagram).  More importantly, as my wife has pointed out on several occasions, I change my iPhone case as often as I change my shoes.  Today, I currently rotate through 7 different cases and I have worn out, thrown out, or broke 4 others.

Why, do you ask?  Well, I figure my cases should match my shoes.  If I’m out in the office I should be wearing my shiny sleek dress shoes; I want a shiny sleek cover. If I’m out for a jog wearing my running shoes; I want a case that will survive the rigors of training.  And if I’m out on the town, the iPhone case must be as swag as the shoes.  Ya feel me?

The UFC cases made by the brand’s official case provider, HeadCase, are the perfect swag for the MMA fan iPhone user.  The design boasts an ultra slim profile made of a hard plastic that adds millimetres to the overall thickness of the unit.

The UFC 148 Silva vs. Sonnen poster is embedded into the hard plastic case (on the unit I reviewed) in a way that it is not easily scratched off like cheaper brands of phone cases.  The graphic is sharp, vibrant and perfectly shows off your love for the sport.

The durability of the case was as expected from a higher end case manufacturer.  I had a week of regular use from the case taking it back and forth between the office, home, and kids.  I had dropped the phone about 3 times (which is honestly a good week for me) from a height of about 3 feet, having most of the impact taken by the corners and once with the graphic facing straight down.  Aside from some minor scuffs, the case remained unscathed.

I did however notice that the protection for the screen area was very limited.  If the phone were to fall with the screen down, directly flat, the impact would be solely on the screen.  The 2 to 3 millimetre lip that many other cases have to protect the screen has been shaved off to not compromise the thin profile.

Overall,  I find the case a perfect fit for all MMA fans who are looking for a simple, low profile solution for their iPhone case.


Awesome UFC graphics

Slim profile.

Easy to snap on and off.


Limited screen protection.





COST – $19.99 – $29.99

If you would like to purchase a HeadCase for your iPhone head over to the official HeadCase website.


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