Media POV: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

Media POV: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

This past Saturday night (September 21, 2013) Jon Jones retained his UFC light heavyweight championship in a very close fight against Alexander Gustafsson.

The bout was so close, that many fans and media members alike believed that Gustafsson actually stole the scorecards and should have been announced as, “The new UFC light heavyweight champion.” I myself did score it in favor of “The Mauler”, giving him rounds 1-3 and Jones rounds 4 & 5.

Media POV: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson

When a fight is as close as this one was, I like to get the media’s perspective on the bout.

Check out the way some members of the media scored the bout below.

Damon Martin (Bleacher Report) – I scored the fight 48-47 for Alexander Gustafsson giving him rounds 1-3 and Jones rounds 4-5. Rewatching the fight on Sunday, the scoring for me came down to round 2, which was very close. Jones landed some good kicks in that round and if you weigh those slightly higher he wins the round and wins the fight 48-47. I don’t think there’s an argument against Jones winning because it was so close.

Ian Bain (MMA Opinion) – I still scored it 48-47 for Gustafsson. He pressed the first 3 rounds and was the aggressor. He stopped the takedowns – to be fair I have no qualms with the nod for Jones though the fight was close. Great fight!

Brian Hemminger (MMA mania) – I scored the fight 48-47 for Jones. I thought he took the second, fourth and fifth rounds. While the fight was close, the people who scored it for Gustafsson were probably giving him bonus points for doing much better than anyone expected him to do. He was less accurate and was outstruck, only beating Jones in volume of strikes thrown, not landed.

Danny Acosta (Prime One Productions) – 1-3 for Gus, 4-5 Jones

Adam Martin (MMA Oddsbreaker) – I was live at the ACC and I scored the fight 48-47 Jones, giving him rounds 3, 4 and 5 and Gustafsson the first two. I have since watched the fight again twice on tape and I believe there is definitely an argument to be made that Gustafsson won the first three rounds, but I personally gave round three to Jones. Either way, it was a super close fight and I hope they “do it again, brother.”

Bryan Levick (Alchemist Radio) – I’ve gone back and forth. When I first watched it I saw it 48-47 Gustafsson, but when I rewatched it I had it 48-47 Jones. Either way I don’t think you could be wrong, but scoring it 49-46 is disgusting.

Shawn W. Smith (Freelance Writer) – I scored the bout 48-47 for Jon Jones but can honestly see reasonable arguments that most of these rounds could go either way. It was an incredibly close fight and the idea that there was any sort of robbery here is absolutely ludicrous.

E. Spencer Kyte (The Province) – 48-47 Jones

James Lynch ( – I still have it Jon Jones 48-47. I gave Gustafsson the first two rounds then Jones the rest of the way. Honestly it’s one of the closest fights I’ve ever seen, but I felt the decision was warranted. No robbery at all. It’s rare you see a fight this close and not feel bad about the result

Erik Fontanez (Gracie Mag) – I scored it 48-47, Jones. I gave Gus the first two rounds, the last three to Jones.

Dave Farra (Fight Now TV) – I had it 3-2 for Gus

Ariel Shnerer (Fight Network) – I have not watched the fight since but I had it 49-46 at the time in favor of Jones, scoring the first for Gustafsson.

Bear Frazer (Fight! Magazine) – I actually scored it 48-47 Gustafsson


Media Members scoring the fight for Jones: 7

Media Members scoring the fight for Gustafsson: 6


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